Eating Locally

Eating Local Food

Looking for a healthy recipe for the local food you've purchased?  Check out these websites for some quick and easy recipes, and information about how to select, wash, and store your locally-produced fruits and veggies.Rising Star interns in the summer of 2017

Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

Produce Basics

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Rising Star Interns

Every summer since 2017, we have hosted three Rising Star interns from Iowa State University to help with local food promotional efforts.  Over the last few years, our interns have created local food promotional Rising Star Interns in the summer of 2018 at a summer feeding sitematerials - including posters, stickers, shopping bags, videos, local food directories and helped to develop our website. 

The Rising Stars also spend a good portion of their summers in southeast Iowa providing outreach in the community about local foods.  They have set up at farmers markets, summer feeding sites, summer schools, county fairs and community events in Lee, Louisa, Des Moines and Henry Counties offering samples of local foods and encouraging folks to try new things and pay a bit more attention to where their food comes from.

Check out some of the things that they've done and videos that they've created at our YouTube channel: