Celebrating Egg Month!

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Eggs From Sunny Side Up RanchThe Sunny Side Up Ranch is a local egg farm located outside of West Burlington, IA.  The farm started about three years ago when Lloyd and Karen Thola decided they wanted to do something different than their typical day jobs as a contractor and interior designer. Their past careers have helped them immensely with the start-up of their operation.  Starting a farm isn’t cheap or easy; especially with a self-sustaining farm like their own, without their previous skills it may have not been possible. Lloyd has been able to build equipment and renovate most of the buildings they currently use to thrive as egg producers. Lloyd has made his own incubator, egg drier, and waterer; as well as renovated and designed the housing for their flock. While visiting Sunny Side Up Ranch, we found that it was a common theme for these two caretakers to go out of their way for the chickens. To quote Lloyd, “If we take care of our chickens, they will continue to take care of us by producing high-quality eggs.” This past winter they even went out of their way during an ice storm to bring a bunch of baby chickens inside to keep them warm so they wouldn’t freeze during the negative degree weather.  


Another great factor of their farm operation is their determination and willingness for continuous education on flock management. They are constantly striving to learn new information to improve their own farm and flock, for both the animals and the consumers. It was clear Karen and Lloyd have done their research to maximize the bird’s wellbeing, production, and safety. The couple encourages people to come to visit and learn something new, as well as pick out your own homegrown eggs.  When you come to Sunny Side Up Ranch you can expect to see over 100 chickens mainly of the Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, and Easter Egger breeds. The average chicken on their farm lays about 5 eggs per week and their eggs sell for $2.50 per dozen. They also have five turkeys with 70 more coming soon, and about 280 laying ducks to add to the diverse production. The duck eggs are slightly more expensive, but only because each and every egg must be hand washed and therefore require more labor and care in the production process.

Click here for a video tour of Sunny Side Up Ranch

Sunny Side Up Ranch is looking to increase the number of eggs they are producing and have recently planted fruit trees with the hopes of selling apples, peaches, and cherries in the near future. Currently, you can expect Sunny Side Up Ranch to have about 180 eggs per day so be sure to check out their farm and claim your eggs before they’re gone! We have provided Sunny Side Up Ranch’s contact information below, as well as a few other local egg producers to check out.


Sunny Side Up Ranch:

Location: West Burlington, Iowa

Phone Number: 319-316-2554

Facebook: Sunny Side Up Ranch

Egg Price: $2.50 per dozen


MT Farms:

Location: Sperry, Iowa

Phone Number: 319-601-6425

Facebook: MTFarmsiowa

Egg Price: $3.00 per dozen


S&W Farms:

Find them at the Jefferson Street Market

Phone Number: 319-985-2111

Email: snwfarms@mepotelo.net

Egg Price: $3.00 per dozen



Triple Creek Farms:

Find them at the Jefferson Street Market

Phone: 206-459-8674

Facebook: Triple Creek Farms

Price: $3.00 per dozen


Fun Recipes For Eggs:





Fun Facts About Eggs:

Chicken eggs have 7 grams of protein

Did you know you can tell the color of the eggs by the color of the chicken's ears?

White Eggs and Brown Eggs have the same nutritional value.

It takes a hen about 25 hours to lay an egg.

Did you know duck eggs have ⅓ more protein than regular eggs?

Eggs From Sunny Side Up Ranch