Ink drawing of a Thanksgiving dinner table Eating Local for the Holidays
November, 14, 2019

Looking to eat local for the holidays?  Here's a listing of Southeast Iowa producers who will have products available for your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

Meller Orchard signs and owner Carl Meller, Apple Tree Orchard caramel apples, map to farm & owner Marcia Rich Celebrating Apple Month
October, 8, 2019

October is Apple Month, and we would like to celebrate the apple producers in Southeast Iowa!  

Make sure you stop out and support your local apple farmer this month!

demonstrating small melon varieties that were trellised in a high tunnel, Peach trees growing in a high tunnel, close up of hops buds, hops growing up a line Fruit & Vegetable Field Day at ISU
August, 13, 2019

On August 5th, we attended the Fruit & Vegetable Field Day at the ISU Horticulture Research Station and learned about the various horticulture-related research that is happening this year.

Farmers Market Tips
July, 26, 2019

EatFreshSEI went to visit the Keokuk Farmer's Market to gather the best farmers market tips for all of you!

blueberries "Berry" Excited about Blueberry Month
July, 2, 2019

Head out to a local berry farm this summer to celebrate blueberry month!

Jones Family Farm Sign Interested in a CSA? Check out Jones Family Farm!
June, 20, 2019

Do you know what a CSA is?  It stands for community supported ag and the Jones Family Farm began theirs for the first time this summer.  

HillTop Dairy Calf Mooo'ving into June
June, 6, 2019

The Rising Star Interns celebrated dairy month by heading to not only one, but two dairy farms! Hilltop Dairy in northern Henry County and Hinterland Dairy in Lee County.

Eggs From Sunny Side Up Ranch Celebrating Egg Month!
May, 17, 2019

On May 16th the Rising Star Interns visited a local egg farm to help celebrate egg month. While on this visit to the Sunny Side Up Ranch they were able to indulge in the complete egg farm experience from feeding the chickens to washing the eggs.

bare root fruit tree planting demonstration Fruit Tree Planting Workshop
April, 30, 2019

On April 22, Earth Day, Des Moines County Master Gardeners and community members gathered at Homestead 1839 in West Burlington to learn about planting fruit trees.

Putting the raised bed boxes together Raised Bed Building Workshop
April, 8, 2019

A workshop held on Saturday, April 6th at Homestead 1839, the site of the Des Moines County Master Gardeners Donation Garden. Participants learned about the various types of raised beds, why they are a good investment for a home garden, and techniques for building and growing in raised beds.