"Berry" Excited about Blueberry Month

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July is blueberry month! To celebrate, you can head out to Blueberry Bottom Farm for some “u-pick” blueberries. Blueberry Bottom Farm has a little over five acres of organically-grown blueberry bushes, including eight extra-large varieties. Kim & Steve Anderson are the owners and operators of Blueberry Bottom Farm and it has been a dream come true for Kim. Literally, Kim would have dreams about starting a blueberry farm and she even thought of the name through her dreams. In order for this dream to come true, she knew the farm was going to have to be viable, sustainable, and financially feasible. Starting a blueberry farm in Iowa was also going to require a lot of research, time, and patience. As a college professor herself, Kim knew how important it was to acquire accurate and scientifically based research when she began the process of Blueberry Bottom Farm. She had to do a lot of research on growing blueberries, irrigation systems, weeds, blueberry care, the best fencing system to keep critters out, and much more. Kim not only had to research things about blueberries but also things you wouldn’t think of such as the best place to put a driveway entrance to the blueberry patch. It is amazing to see how much hard work she has put into this “u-pick” blueberry farm. It will definitely be worth your time to stop in at Blueberry Bottom in Brighton, Iowa to pick some of your very own, locally-grown blueberries. As soon as you pull into Blueberry Bottom Farm you will be given your very own bucket to fill with organic blueberries. The price of the blueberries will be by volume, and not weight, and cost about $4 for a quart of organic, fresh blueberries. If you don’t have time to pick your own organic blueberries, don’t fret, you can swing by and grab some pre-picked blueberries at a slightly higher price of $6 for a quart. Blueberry Bottom Farm’s hours will tend to vary throughout the summer due to different varieties ripening at different times. If Blueberry Bottom Farm’s hours don’t work for your schedule there is nothing to worry about as there are a few other local u-pick berry farms you could check out, including the following: Hoskins U Pick Blueberry Farm, Red Fern Farm for black raspberries, and Oakland Mills Berry Farm for strawberries. An even better idea would be to take a road trip sometime this summer and check them all out!  Down below you can find some details about other local berry farms, how to pick out the best blueberry, some nutritional information, and a recipe that can include all different varieties of berries! 


Blueberry Bottom Contact:  

Facebook- Blueberry Bottom 

Instagram- blueberrybottomfarm  

Email- farmerkima@gmail.com 

Blueberry Bottom Address- 3304 Highway 78, Brighton, Iowa 


Hoskins Blueberry Farm Contact: 

Facebook- Hoskins U Pick Blueberry Farm 

Phone Number- 309.867.3135 

Hoskins Blueberry Farm Address- 2366 County Highway 3, Oquawka, Illinois  


Red Fern Farm Contact: 

Facebook- Red Fern Farm 

Phone Number- 319.729.5905 

Red Fern Farm Address- 13882 I AVE, Wapello, Iowa  


Oakland Mills Berry Farm Contact: 

Facebook- Oakland Mills Berry Farm 

Phone Number- 319.986.6071 

Oakland Mills Berry Farm Address- 1738 265th Street, Mount Pleasant, Iowa  


Selection For a Good Blueberry: 

Look for blueberries that are firm, plump, dry, and a deep purple blue color.  Avoid ones that look shriveled.   



Berry Nutrition:  

Fiber: helps reduce cholesterol levels and may reduce the risk of heart disease 

Vitamin C: helps heal cuts and help the immune system  


Recipe For Fruit Salsa: