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February, 9, 2021

Love that fresh garden produce but have more than you can eat? Preserve it! It’s not difficult, but you do need to follow safe methods. You’ll learn how to can, freeze, and dry foods safely at home in this introductory course.  While the weather is cold and you are dreaming of your summer garden, take some time to learn about preserving your harvest.

April, 30, 2020

In the spring, bee swarms are a phenomenon that you may come upon.  You may hear a loud humming/buzzing before you see them... and when you see them there's often thousands of bees hanging off a tree limb in a big ball.  Here's what you need to know and do when you see a swarm:

April, 7, 2020

Radishes are one of the most satisfying spring crops a gardener can grow.  You can seed them thickly and thin them to the proper spacing, or you can make a seed tape!