Beef Field Specialist


beef cow nutrition, heifer development, cow reproduction and calving, estrus synchronization, bull reproduction breeding soundness, pasture and forage management, pasture economics, grazing management, cost analysis and herd records, weaning management and preconditioning, health management, handling facilities and housing, feedlot nutrition, data management and housing, facilities and housing, water quality, feedlot health management, implants and feed additives, cracass grades and value based marketing, alternative beef systems, identification systems and traceability, animal behavior, animal welfare assessment and auditing

154 Public Square, Suite C
Greenfield, Iowa 50849
Counties Served: 
Adair, Adams, Audubon, Carroll, Cass, Crawford, East Pottawattamie, Fremont, Greene, Guthrie, Harrison, Mills, Montgomery, Page, Shelby, Taylor, West Pottawattamie
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