Spring Livestock Weigh Ins CANCELLED

Livestock Exhibitors- 
On behalf of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach 4-H Program, Due to COVID-19, “all county weigh-ins for meat goats, sheep and/or swine are to be cancelled. This is for the health and safety of our 4-H families and staff. Unfortunately, that means fairs that conduct rate of gain contests will not be able to do so for the 2020 fair season.”
As you may have already read - “The May 15 livestock ID deadline will be moved back to June 1. This applies to ALL livestock that are usually identified by May 15 including: Breeding Beef, Dairy Cattle, Dairy Goat, Dog, Horse, Meat Goat, Poultry, Sheep and Swine.  Rabbits will remain at the July 1 deadline.”  ALL POTTAWATTAMIE COUNTY FAIR livestock must be Identified by June 1 in 4-H OnlineFFA members must have paperwork submitted via email to Hallie/mailed and in office by 5pm June 1.  Pottawattamie County Fair FairEntry registration will now run June 2 – June 9th (instead of May 16 – June 4).   
All Pottawattamie County Fair animals including - breeding beef, bottle calves, clover bottle calves, sheep, clover bottle lambs, goats, clover bottle goats and swine must all pick up ear tags and tag their own animals and identify them on 4-H Online (FFA exhibitors will be required to have paperwork submitted to Hallie) by June 1, 2020.  All of these animal entries being tagged at home (swine, goats and sheep) will be required to include photos in their 4-H Online identification.  FFA members should include printed photos if submitting by mail or email photos with paperwork.
Iowa State Fair nominations – Swine will use a DNA ear tag and send the DNA sample with DNA envelope to the State 4-H Office by June 1, 4-H Sheep and Goat Iowa State Fair nominations should contact Hallie prior to June 1 to schedule a time for animals to be Retinal imaged.
With the Extension Office being closed during this time, we will have scheduled pick up dates for ear tags.  If things should change and the office opens back up prior to the scheduled dates, pick up times will be cancelled and tags may be picked up during regular office hours.  Anyone needing ear tags (breeding beef, bottle calves, clover bottle calves, sheep, clover bottle lambs, goats, clover bottle goats and swine) should email Hallie the number of tags you need for each species at (hrobinet@iastate.ed) by the deadline.   If you need to check out an ear tagger, this should be requested at this time as well.  Taggers are limited and must schedule a return date the following week.  Ear tags will be put together and put into Ziplock bags with your name.  When you arrive during your scheduled pick up time, your tags will be brought to your vehicle.  County Fair/State Fair Ear tags $1/tag, Iowa State Fair Swine DNA Tags $8/tag, Iowa State Fair Retinal Images $5/head – payment should be mailed to the Extension Office, PO Box 187, Oakland, Iowa 51560 – we will not be making change during scheduled pick up times.
Pick Up Times
April 23 – 5:00pm – 7:00pm – requests must be made by 12:00pm noon April 23
May 7 – 5:00pm – 7:00pm – requests must be made by 12:00pm noon May  7
**Families who wish to have their ear tags mailed to them instead of scheduling pick up, may do so.  Please email the number of tags needed for each species along with the mailing address you would like them to go to.
Please see letter from the State 4-H Office regarding weigh ins and livestock identifications.  There is also a FAQs page available on the website for these changes: https://www.extension.iastate.edu/4h/projects/livestock
Exhibitor Livestock ID and Weigh In Letter

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