Jamboree 2019 Results

2019 Jamboree
The 2019 East Pottawattamie County annual 4-H Jamboree awards ceremony was held on Sunday, November 17, 2019 at the Oakland Community Center in Oakland, Iowa at 1:30pm, following the Free Will Donation 4-H Pancake Feed held from 11:30am – 1:30pm.  With approximately 125 people present, the afternoon got started with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by recognizing our past honorary members, County Youth Committee, County Extension Council and our Extension Staff.  The new 2019-2020 County Youth Council members were introduced and installed by State 4-H Youth Council Member, Emily Plagman.  These members include Claire Denning, Austyn Fisher, Julia Kock, Abigale Petersen, McKenna Sick and Parker Weirich.  The 2018-2019 Clover Kids members present got the chance to introduce themselves in front of the group and those who have completed 3rd grade and are graduating the Clover Kids program were recognized.  The afternoon followed with club introductions and project awards.  2018-2019 4-H members were recognized for their commitment to their goals in the project areas they have chosen.  To receive these awards, youth must have completed a record book, project records and worksheets associated with their chosen project areas.  Outstanding Member Awards were given next; these awards went to two 4-H members in each 4-H age group who were outstanding members in the 4-H program.  The next award was the 4-H Spirit Award, given to a 4-H member who is always excited about 4-H and show enthusiasm year round.  Each year 4-H club officers from each 4-H club are encouraged to complete their officer record book and submit them for awards.  This year 15 officers worked hard to complete and submit their books.  As the award ceremony continued, senior 4-H member’s record books were judged for Senior Elite Awards given to members in grades 9-12 for their overall 4-H career in the project area.  These youth were given a certificate and a 4-H gift for their hard work.  Our final individual 4-H awards were given out in memory of 6 East Pottawattamie County 4-H and agriculture supporters.  These six youth were given a certificate and a 4-H gift for their hard work.  The next three awards went to 4-H clubs who worked hard throughout the 4-H year.  These were given out for: Herdsmanship given to a club who worked hard to keep their livestock neat and in order during the Pottawattamie County Fair, 4-H’ers for 4-H campaign recognizing clubs who donated $3 or more dollars per member, and Club Charters for those clubs completing and updating all club information to receive an official Iowa 4-H Club Charter.  The last two awards for the afternoon were given to those adults to have helped to make 4-H in East Pottawattamie great.  Each year our leaders are recognized with their 5-year certificates and pins from Iowa State University.  The last award was the Honorary 4-H Member award, given to Steve Kock and Kathleen Pattee, members who have dedicated their time to the East Pottawattamie County 4-H program.  The afternoon finished with the 4-H pledge and a 4-H raffle drawn for fun 4-H prizes.
Graduating Clover Kids
Botna Valley Achievers Clover Kids – Evan Harder, Jersey Hilgenberg, Andrew Lund, Dayton Osbahr
Buffalo Buds Clover Kids – Adrian Bartles, Alexis Myers, Macie Zimmerman
Clover Commanders Clover Kids – Carly Akers, Lily Jones, Caralynn Phillips, Kort Rieken
West Nishna Clover Kids – Ryleigh Garrison, Clara Martens, Landon Turner
Westside Clover Kids – Grant Bane, Nolan Becker, Graden Keiser, Peyton Schafer, Brock Schnepel
Project Awards
Botna Valley AchieversCash Beatty – gold record book, food and nutrition, goats, horticulture and mechanics; Chet Beatty – gold record book, family and consumer sciences, goats, horticulture and mechanics; Rian Buck – bronze record book; Emily Butcher – bronze record book, poultry and woodworking; Erin Carroll – bronze record book, beef and sheep; Claire Denning – silver record book and self-determined; Nick Denning – bronze record book; Cole Geraghty – gold record book and first year certificate; Collin Harder – gold record book, food and nutrition and swine; Molly Jacobs – gold record book; Mitchell Kloewer – silver record book; Emma Kock – bronze record book; Julia Kock – gold record book, beef and food and nutrition; Megan Kock – bronze record book; Brayden Lund – silver record book; Henry Lund – bronze record book; Kyley Nelsen – gold record book; Maeleigh Rold – bronze record book and first year certificate; Cole Scheffler – bronze record book; Kinsey Scheffler – bronze record book; Roman Scheffler – gold record book and first year certificate; Isaac Stamp – gold record book, beef and visual arts; Parker Weirich – gold recored book, leadership and veterinary science; Chase Wheatley – silver record book, Isabell Wheatley – bronze record book and sewing and needle arts; Megan Wise – bronze record book and photography.
Carson CommandersRebecca Cody – bronze record book, clothing and food and nutrition; Sarah Cody – bronze record book and first year certificate; Caitlin Duede – silver record book, clothing, food and nutrition, mechanics and photography; Keaten Rieken – bronze record book, home improvement and veterinary science; Kyler Rieken – bronze record book, communications, home improvement and sheep; McKenna Sick – bronze record book.
East Pott Hot ShotsEvan Karas – gold record book, shooting sports and woodworking; Adriawna Luth – bronze record book; Maryellen Luth – bronze record book and first year certificate; Maryellen Luth – bronze record book and first year certificate; Sophia Luth – bronze record book; Ransom Mascher -gold record book, shooting sports and woodworking; Alexis Meek – bronze record book, Dawson Otte – bronze record book; Logan Rose – bronze record book and woodworking; Will Simmons – bronze record book and first year certificate.
West Nishna 4-HersJayden Bates – bronze record book; Ashlinn Chappelear – bronze record book and first year certificate; Danika Feigenbutz – bronze record book, pets and visual arts; Owen Fenner – bronze record book and first year certificate; Sophia Fenner – bronze record book and first year certificate; Jaxon Gordon – bronze record book and first year certificate; Isabella Gute – gold record book, self determined and visual arts; Reese Gute – gold record book, animal science and food and nutrition; Brody Henderson – gold record book, food and nutrition; Ellyanna Henderson – bronze record book; Jaxon Kadel – bronze record book and first year certificate; Ally Keener – bronze record book and photography; Abigale Petersen – bronze record book; Lillian Reed – silver record book and first year certificate; Veronica Schechinger – bronze record book and home improvement; Ana Wilson – silver record book, home improvement, pets and photography; Austin Zimmerman – silver record book and first year certificate.
Westside Feeders Austyn Fisher – silver record book and poultry; Allyee Pierson – silver record book, food and nutrition and sewing and needle arts; Camryn Pierson – bronze record book and digital storytelling; Lydia Wede – bronze record book.
Oustanding 4-H Member Awards
Outstanding Juniors– Cash Beatty and Isabella Gute
Outstanding Intermediates– Caitilin Duede and Isaac Stamp 
Outstanding Seniors– Julia Kock and Camryn Pierson
4-H Spirit Award– Julia Kock
Presidents: Camryn Pierson, Westside Feeders, Silver
Secretaries: Emma Kock, Botna Valley Achievers, Gold; Allyee Pierson, Westside Feeders, Bronze; Alexis Meek, East Pott Hot Shots, Gold
Treasurer: Julia Kock, Botna Valley Achievers, Gold
Reporter: Isaac Stamp, Botna Valley Achievers, Silver
Historians: Chet Beatty, Claire Denning, Julia Kock, Megan Kock, Botna Valley Achievers, Gold
Recreational Leader: Collin Harder, Isaac Stamp, Chet Beatty, Maeleigh Rold, Roman Scheffler, Botna Valley Achievers, Gold
Senior Elite Awards
Agriculture and Natural Resources – Ransom Mascher, Animal – Julia Kock, Creative Arts – Camryn Pierson, Family and Consumer Science – Kyley Nelsen, Personal Development – Claire Denning, and Science, Engineering and Technology – Ransom Mascher
Memorial Awards
Bill Sick Memorial Swine Award – Collin Harder, Boyd Nilan Memorial Beef Award – Isaac Stamp, Chris Galitz Memorial Award – Caitlin Duede, Claire & Marge Vance Memorial Sheep Award – Kyler Rieken; Ralph & Junellyn Pierce Leader in Service Award – Parker Weirich, Wray Carroll Memorial Award – Brayden Lund
Herdsmanship Award– Westside Feeders 4-H Club
4-H’ers for 4-H Award– Botna Valley Achievers, Carson Commanders, East Pott Hot Shots and West Nishna 4-H’ers
Club Charters– Botna Valley Achievers, Botna Valley Achievers Clover Kids, Buffalo Buds Clover Kids, Carson Commanders, Clover Commanders, East Pott Hot Shots, West Nishna 4-H’ers, West Nishna Clover Kids, Westside Clover Kids, Westside Feeders
5-year Leader in Service Awards– Rachel Allensworth, Chris Conover, Jill Kadel, Bill Mascher, Amy Osbahr, Anne Pierce, Cristin Rold, Amy Smith
Honorary 4-H Members– Steve Kock, Kathleen Pattee

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