Art Lit To Go Summer Kit

Thanks for joining East Pott 4-H for Virtual Summer Fun - Art Lit To Go Kits!
Click the links below to follow along with the lessons, listen to books that go along with the stories and get directions for the supplies in your kits!  We would LOVE to see your families participating in our summer fun!  Feel free to send photos to Hallie at to share on our Facebook page - East Pottawattamie County 4-H!
Mistake to Masterpiece

  • Read the book, Beautiful Opps by Barney Saltzberg
  • Create an Opps bookmark with the supplies in your kit!
  • Create something beautiful out of my bag of mistakes included in your kit!
  • Drawing game with your family

Lines on Signs

  • What is a line?
  • Read the book, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! By Mo Willems
  • What is a mural?
  • Use roll of paper (in kit) to create a large outdoor mural with roads with crayons.  Using the road sign in your kit, create a section of your mural to include your sign - make sure the road matches the sign.  Try connecting your mural to your siblings and connect your roads to make one large mural!

Shape O Saurus

  • Review shapes
  • Shape-O-Saurus - using your white cardstock in your kit and your bag of foam shape stickers, create a dinosaur out of your shapes!
  • Read the book, Never Let a Dinosaur Scribble! By Diane Alber 
  • Stone Artwork - using the paint, paint brush and flat stone in your kit, create a beautiful scence on your rock!

Touch - and - Feel Texture

  • What is texture?
  • Read the book, How This Book was Made by Mac Barnett
  • Create a book for children with textures using the plain paper book in your kit and the different textures provided.  Add words and pictures.

Lots of Layers

  • What is a collage?
  • What are layers?
  • Read the book, The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza)
  • Using the colored paper in your kit create a pizza!  Use the black paper for your pizza pan, the white for your pizza dough and the colored for your toppings!
  • Create a menu for your restaurant using the Lots of Layers Pizza Menu in your kit

Color Creation

  • Place 3 color changing tablets (in kit) each in a small cup of water; using the plastic pipette add colored water to your paper plate in different areas.  Try combining colors to create new colors
  • Read the book, Swatch, The Girl who Loved Color by Julia Dentos
  • Permanent Marker Tie Dye - place cardboard inside socks (in kit), make designs on the socks with your permanent markers in small dot designs.  Take out of the cardboard and place design over a cup.  Using clean plastic pipette and rubbing alcohol, drop small droplets on the design and watch the magic happen!  Please note - some colors of markers "bleed" better than others!  Some markers work better to use alcohol immediatly after marking the fabric.  Let socks fully dry.  Place in clothes dryer for 15 minutes on high heat to set color.  Wash on cold after wearing.

Stunning Sculptures

  • Using the items in your brown paper bag in your kit - you have 5 minutes to create art work!
  • What is a sculpture?
  • Read the book, One Red Dot by David Carter
  • Make a 3-D paper sculpture using the colored strips of paper in your kit along with the black paper as your base.  Add in the 4-H clover sticker to your sculpture and see who can spot it!
  • Create a sculpture with your air dry clay found in your kit.  Let your sculpture fully dry and harder.  Feel free to paint your sculpture once dry.
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