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The goal of Earth-Kind® trial research is to identify low maintenance, superior performing plant materials for the landscape. 

Phase I Trial Plants

View the list of the Phase I trial plants for the Earth-Kind® Perennial trial.

Earth-Kind® Perennial Trial

It was thought that the same concept with Earth-Kind® Roses could be possible with other types of plants, so an effort is under way to evaluate additional types of plants at Myers Park and Event Center near McKinney, Texas.

Kordes Earth-Kind® Rose Trial

Kordes is a world reknown nursery based in Germany that started in the late 1800's and for over the past several decades have focused almost exclusively on roses. 

New Projects

New Earth-Kind® projects are underway including Kordes rose varieties, hydrangeas and production practices for vegetables.

Earth-Kind® Hydrangea Trial

Hydrangea, made popular for its ability to thrive in partial shade and for its extremely long bloom period has seen a significant resurgence of interest by the homeowner and landscape professionals in recent years.