Planting and Care Protocol


Site selection

  • Plant roses in areas that receive direct sun for at least 8 hours daily.
  • Plant roses in areas with good air circulation.
  • Avoid wet locations or areas prone to flooding.

Soil Preparation

Soil preparation

Till the planting area.

Apply 3 to 4 inches of plant based compost and incorporate to 8 inches in depth into the soil.






Plant roses five feet apart in northern regions and eight feet apart in the south.






  • Water when the soil in the root zone is dry to an inch depth.
  • Avoid wetting the foliage while watering.
  • Establishment watering.
    • First week: Check soil moisture daily
    • Second week: Check soil moisture every second day.
    • Third week: Check soil moisture every third day.
    • Fourth week: check soil moisture every fourth day.
    • Fifth week:  Check soil moisture every fifth day.
    • Sixth week: Check soil moisture every sixth day.
    • Water during establishment period by hand.
  • Established plant watering
    • Check soil moisture weekly.
    • Water no more than once a week and less depending on rainfall.
    • Use trickle irrigation.


Fertilization and Weed Control

Fertilization and Weed control

Apply wood mulch to three inches in depth in planting beds.

Top dress wood mulch yearly maintaining three inch depth.





Insect and Disease Control

  • Apply no insecticides or fungicides.



Remove only winter damaged rose wood in northern regions.

Do no pruning in southern regions.