New Projects

Earth Kind® Hydrangea Trial at the ISU Horticulture Research Station
Earth-Kind® Hydrangea Trial at the ISU

Horticulture Research Station

New Earth-Kind® trial projects are currently underway. A new trial managed by Dr. David Zlesak of the University of Wisconsin is looking at the Kordes roses,  promising varieties from Germany which are finding their way to the US markets. In addition to this and in keeping with the long range Earth-Kind® goal of developing a diverse palette of sustainable plant for the landscape, Dr. Kathy  Zuzek of the University of Minnesota, is evaluating Hydrangea. Hydrangeas made popular on the market because of new colors and sizes will be tested for their reliability in the garden. At Texas A&M, Kim Conway is initiating trials to identify the best dwarf Earth-Kind® roses. Also at Texas A&M, Dr. Greg Church is working on three projects including Crape Myrtle and a long list of herbaceous perennials. In addition, he is looking at the Earth-Kind® production practices for vegetables taking Earth-Kind® in an entirely new direction.