Joseph Budd Rose Developments

Joseph Budd
Joseph Budd
Courtesy of Special Collections
Department/ Iowa State University Library

Professor Joseph Budd the organizer and first chair of the Department of Horticulture 1877-1898 and acting president of Iowa State College 1884-1885, was a prolific researcher and instructor of many topics of horticulture science. Gathering cuttings and bud wood of apple, pears, trees, shrubs and roses from remote Russia and Asia in 1892, Professor Budd released important winter hardy varieties for the Midwest. His course work and his lecture notes, still available for viewing at Iowa State University special collections, indicate a wide range of topics were discussed. The culture of apple, pear and a wide variety of small fruits were included in his teaching. In addition garden design and ornamental plant care and maintenance were topics professor Budd taught in his courses as well.

The travels of professor Budd and his graduate student Nels Hansen to Russia and Asia are credited for the introduction of Japanese Rose, Rosa rugosa. This introduction allowed Professor Budd to develop the first rose at Iowa state, the Ames Rose, Rosa rugosa ‘Ames’. In addition to this, two wild roses were brought back as well. One of these known as Rosea laxa, was used in part some 50 years later by Dr. Griffith Buck. This plant through Dr. Buck’s breeding work, yielded a series of roses that are winter hardy and disease resistant for the Midwest.



Rosa Rugosa 'Ames' - Ames Rose
Rosa Rugosa 'Ames'
Ames Rose