Toolkit for Accessible Documents

The focus of the toolkit is on universal design practices of publications and documents using Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.  Although not the focus of this toolkit, this toolkit may be applicable to things other than documents and publications.  The content will provide an explanation of universal design, best practices, the laws governing accessibility, frequently asked questions and instructions by software to get you started and so much more.

The toolkit is not all-inclusive but is intended to help you implement incremental and sustainable universal design practices that go beyond accommodation requests. It takes an expansive, organization-wide effort that commits to equity for all.

Intended Audience

The toolkit is meant for use outside of the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach organization.  The audience for this toolkit can be campus administrators responsible for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), faculty, accessibility directors, IT staff and anyone who supports and trains staff on accessibility efforts.  The practices and information contained in the toolkit should assist your organization or company in creating accessible documents.

Please Note the toolkit is currently unavailable.  You may still submit a request for the toolkit during this time.

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