School Garden 101

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School Garden 101 is a five-week training course that helps school teachers, faculty, and community volunteers build a strong team for a successful school garden. 
Each school or educational institution is encouraged to develop of team of three or more faculty to attend this ground-breaking program. Teams can expect to receive horticultural skills, continuing education credits, and lesson plans from Growing in the Garden. Throughout the workshop series, attendees work in school teams to develop their goals, timeline, garden plan, and budget. Upon completion, schools are shovel-ready to create or rebuild their schools garden.

About the program...

In 2010, Susan DeBlieck and Marjorie Peronto developed the School Garden 101 (SG101) University of Maine Cooperative Extension workshop series for school staff interested in developing school gardens; two dozen attendees jumpstarted four gardens.
Since 2010, DeBlieck has offered the workshop series in Iowa and Minnesota; as a result 20 new school gardens were created. SG101 is a high-impact, low resource program that provides Extension staff and volunteers with a way to support multiple schools in the development of a garden. 
Research shows that "Third, fourth, and fifth grade students that participated in school gardening activities scored significantly higher on science achievement tests compared to students that did not experience any garden-based learning activities." (Klemmer, C.D., Waliczek, T.M. & Zajicek, J.M. (2005). Growing Minds: The Effect of a School Gardening Program on the Science Achievement of Elementary Students. HortTechnology. 15(3): 448-452.)
"Elemenary school and junior high school students gained more positive attitudes about environmental issues after participating in a school garden program." (Waliczek, T.M., Zajicek, J.M. (1999). School Gardening: Improving Environmental Attitudes of Children Through Hands-On Learning. Journal of Environmental Horticulture. 17(4): 180-184.)

If you're interested in this course or starting a School Garden of your own, give us a call at (563) 583-6496.

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