School's Out Summer Day Camps

School’s Out Summer Day Camps
TIME:9:00-3:00 p.m.
REGISTRATION FEE:$20 per child


REGISTRATION DEADLINE:Two Weeks prior to camp date
1. Stay home if you are sick.
2. Volunteers and participants must wear face coverings.
3. Each participate will have their own supplies and materials.
4. Prepackaged snacks will be provided.
5. Camp locations will be equipped for hand-washing and provide hand sanitizers. 
For more information contact Leah Imoehl, Dubuque County K-12 Education at 563-583-6496 or email at
Camp Descriptions
Astro Camp®
Ages 10-12
Come and explore the wonders of space by doing NASA inspired activities!  Youth will be designing mission patches, constructing a model of the solar system, launching stomp rockets in the air and more! Astro Camp® will give all youth the chance to get involved and experience STEM experiments to inspire the future astronaut!
Art Attack
Ages 6-10
Art is a BLAST when you have the opportunity to discover your creative side! Explore the five elements of design as we do experiments with color and get crafty. Wear washable play clothes. Bring a sack lunch. $20
Ages 10 and up
Be the sitter every parent wants to call! Learn all the responsibilities that go along with babysitting, including safety and first aid. Learn how to plan fun and age appropriate activities for kids, too! Bring a sack lunch and drink. Bring a sack lunch and drink. $20
Too Infinity and Beyond! 
Ages 6-10
Have you ever dreamed of going to outer space? Learn about the planets, comets, stars, rockets, the night sky and harness the power of the sun to create a tasty snack.
Under the Sea
Ages 6-10
Do you ever wonder why the ocean is blue or why the ocean is salty? We will learn about the three groups of marine animals that live in the ocean! We will be making a salt creature that you can take home with you!
Fizz Bubble Goo
Ages 6-10
Come and explore the wonders of science by creating amazing chemistry experiments with everyday materials to watch them fizz, bubble, and goo. Youth will learn about matter and its three states, make slime, and observe chemical and physical changes before their very eyes!

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