Community Supported Agriculture & Food Box Programs in Dubuque, IA

In 2019 several farms will be providing fresh local food to eaters in Dubuque County through a type of partnership called Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA.

"Community Supported Agriculture consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation so that the farmland becomes, either legally or spiritually, the community's farm, with the growers and consumers providing mutual support and sharing the risks and benefits of food production." (USDA)
How it Works
In the spring community members pledge to cover anticipated costs of the farm and the farmer's salary throughout the growing season. In exchange, the farmer commits to delivering boxes of fresh produce to members at a preselected 'drop site' on a weekly or bi-weekly basis May through October. Often farmers also send along newsletters, recipes, and offer opportunities for eaters to visit the farm.

Benefits of CSA's:

  • Knowing where your food comes from
  • Supporting local + regional producers
  • Possible opportunities for farm visits, hands-on experiences
  • Multiple share options - ex: Spring/Fall share, coffee/egg/bread share, 1/2 share
  • Farm diversification & new rural employment opportunities
  • Conserve energy: minimal processing, packaging, 'food miles'
  • Opportunity to learn about new produce, recipes & cooking techniques (Source)
2019 Dropsites in Dubuque

Dubuque Urban Farm

Farmer Craig and Rachel Boeke
Phone 515-451-2291
Farm Location & Miles to Dubuque Dubuque, IA—0 Miles
Delivery Days Thursdays (May 30-October )

Pick- Up Locations
Home Delivery (optional)
Convivium Urban Farm
Calico Bean Market
1241 Jackson Street, Dubuque

Small Family CSA  

Farmer Jillian Varney
Phone 608 625 4178
Farm Location & Miles to Dubuque La Farge WI—90.3 Miles
Delivery Days Wednesdays

Pick-Up Locations

Unity Point Finley employees only
Medical Associates East & West Campus employees only
Mercy Medical Center employees only
Loras College
employees only
Hartig Drug 1600 University Ave open to public
Inspire Cafe open to public
Family First Chiropractic Wellness 998 Fremont Ave. open to public
Ace Home & Garden open to public
Free Flight at 5010 Wolff Rd open to public

Honey Hill Organic Farm and Apiary 

Farmer Carrie & Jason Post
Phone 563 213 5031
Farm Location & Miles to Dubuque Potosi, WI—19.8 Miles
Delivery Days  
Dubuque Farmers' Market  7:00-11:30 AM Saturday
Peosta - Healthy Living Chiropractic  3:30-6:00 PM Tuesday
Inspire Cafe 2:00-5:00 PM Tuesday
Skyline Construction 2:30-5:30PM Tuesday
River Lights Bookstore Fridays


Sandhill Farm


Farmer Andie Donnan & Ashley Neises
Phone 563-495-7336
Farm Location & Miles to Dubuque Sinsinawa, WI—7.8 Miles
Delivery Days Saturdays (May-October)

Pick- Up Locations
Dubuque Farmers Market                            open to public
Millwork Night Market                                  open to public


Buffalo Ridge Orchard 

Farmer Emma Johnson
Phone 319-521-1353
Farm Location & Miles to Dubuque Central City, IA—55 Miles
Delivery Days Saturdays (Aug-Oct)

Pick- Up Locations
Dubuque Farmers Market                            open to public
CSA Resources for Eaters:
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 - ISU Extension & Outreach Spend Smart, Eat Smart
Resources for Consumers 
- Fairshare CSA Coalition 
What's in Season
CSA Resources for Producers:
Community Supported Agriculture - Penn State Extension
Legal Resources & Guides - Farm Commons 
Resources for Growers
 - Fairshare CSA Coalition 

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