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"Mid-Life & Beyond:  The Whole Picture" is a holistic educational program designed to enhance the quality of life of Iowans mid life & beyond.  The average retirement age nationally is now 62 with a life expectancy of 78 years. Of the 99 Iowa counties, 88 are projected to have at least 20% of their population aged 65 and over by 2030. The growing number of adults reaching traditional retirement age and beyond presents new challenges and opportunities for communities within Iowa as well as the state as a whole. Retirees want fulfilling, challenging, and productive lives which reflect the six domains of whole person wellness. The domains include: physical , social, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, occupational and financial. Challenges to health and well-being are significant across these six domains.

The 2010 Census showed more than 40% of Iowans over the age of 45 with 26.7% between ages 45 and 64 and 14.9% over age 65. The number of Iowans over age 65 is increasing daily as baby boomers age.  The 2010 census showed 42.1% of Dubuque county residents were over the age of 45, so this is very timely initiative for our county.

Dubuque County Extension & Outreach will be facilitating a community-wide dialogue about the issues facing our aging population.  We want to help organize the different resources that are available for our seniors and encourage inter-generational participation.  This web page will be updated regularly with resources, ideas and discussions about aging in Dubuque County.  If you have questions or need additional resources, please contact our Families Specialist, Susan Taylor:  563-583-6496 or taylorse@iastate.edu 


Using "Study Circles," the Mid Life & Beyond initiative helps communities talk together and find ways to make their community a place where people want to live during mid-life and beyond.  The Study Circle process was created by Everyday Democracy, a “national leader in the field of civic participation and community change. Everyday Democracy helps people of different backgrounds and views talk and work together to solve problems and create communities that work for everyone.” http://www.everyday-democracy.org/en/Page.AboutUs.aspx

Our Study Circle process:

We need YOU to participate in our upcoming Study Circles to help plan the future of our community and make Dubuque County a welcoming place for people of all ages.  Study Circles meet four times (see below) and are a great way for you to start a dialogue with your friends and neighbors.  This is how we can shape the future of our community!

A study circle:
• is a small, diverse group of eight to 12 people from the whole community
• includes people from all walks of life
• meets together for four ninety minute sessions
• sets its own ground rules to share responsibility for quality discussion
• is led by an impartial local facilitator who helps manage the discussion, not teach the group
• starts with personal stories, then helps the group look at thriving communities

To join a Study Circle, please contact Susan Taylor:  563-583-6496 or taylorse@iastate.edu


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