Dubuque County Master Conservationist

Due to the 2020 health emergency, the Master Conservationist Program for the 2020 year will rescheduled to the same approximate time frame in 2021.  Below is the 2020 schedule to serve as a referece for what our county's program consists of.  Thanks for your interest.  Updated 4/15/2020.

Program Contact

Ray Kruse,
Food Systems Program Coordinator with the Dubuque County Extension Office.
email- rakruse@iastate.edu
phone- (563) 583-6496


This program is intended to teach local residents about some of the natural resources that exist in Dubuque County and some of the efforts being done to preserve them.  This program also exposes participants to the many organizations that they can volunteer at to help with conservation.


Participants reach the above goal by completing a weekly online lesson in their own time.  Participants then meet in person with a local conservation leader who informs them about some local conservation efforts related to the current week's lesson.

Program Dates and Cost

The program will take place 6 pm Tuesdays, April 28 - June 9 2020.  There will be a total of 7 meetings.  Meetings will last from 1 to 3 hours based on daylight and the type of activity we will be doing.


Registration is required in order to participate and can be done by calling the Dubuque County Extension Office at (563) 583-6496.  Cost is $20.  Registration deadline is 12 pm April 27, 2020.  There will be a maximum class size of 30 people.

Proposed Meeting Outline and Locations

The Master Conservationist Program will follow the proposed timeline for their topics and meetings.
Week 1- Orientation at the Dubuque County Extension Office.  Ray Kruse who is the program coordinator, will go over the finalized schedule and talk about accessing the online material as well as meet fellow peers who are also interested in conservation.
Week 2 - Soil resources and lansdcapes of Dubuque County.  Ray Kruse will take you to a farm in Dubuque County and discuss the different soil landforms in the county.
Week 3 - Let's learn about prairies. Iowa DNR Officer, Ellie Lineburg will discuss aspects of a prairie ecosystem at the Mines of Spain.
Week 4 -  Let's learn about forests.  Naturalist with Dubuque County Conservation, Kaytlan Moeller, will talk about the aspects of a forest ecosystem at the Swiss Valley Park.
Week 5 - Let's learn about aquatic environments.  Save our Streams Coordinator with the Izaak Walton League of America, Zach Moss will demonstrate acivities you can do as a citizen scientist to monitor our local streams at the Mines of Spain.
Week 6 - Sharing conservation with others.  Curator of Conservation Programs at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium, Jared McGovern will talk about how we can illustrate to others the importance of our natural resource conservation and provide examples of how the River Museum accomplishes this goal.
Week 7 - Seeing conservation at work.  The Dubuque County Natural Resource Conservation Service will visit a local farm where conservation practices are actively being implemented.

A Collaborative Community Effort

This program could not be possible without the collaborative community effort of the following organizations.  We thank them for their willingness to come together and put on a great program for 2020.


Last updated by Ray Kruse on 4/15/2020

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