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USDA and ISU Extension and Outreach Nondiscrimination Statements

As part of its agreement with USDA, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach ("ISU Extension and Outreach") notifies the public of their federal civil rights protections and rights to auxiliary aids through the use of USDA nondiscrimination statements. Iowa State University and the State of Iowa prohibit discrimination regarding additional protected classifications. As part of its Public Notification Plan, ISU Extension and Outreach uses the USDA short statement (This institution is an equal opportunity provider) on publications shorter than 12 pages with a hyperlink to this webpage to give a more thorough description of federal and Iowa State University civil rights protections its clients have.


Iowa State University Extension and Outreach’s Civil Rights Plan

The performance of a civil rights evaluation and review is one of the major and unique requirements of federal civil rights legislation. It provides a systematic process for the assessment of compliance with federal regulations as it pertains to policies, procedures, programs, and practices as well as the development and implementation of modifications and remedial steps taken to correct any instances where deficiencies are identified. Iowa counties will complete a civil rights audit every four years.