Iowa State University's Diversity and Inclusion Programming

Campus Diversity and Inclusion Programming

Iowa State University's Diversity and Inclusion programming for its campus and the surrounding area in Ames, Iowa is conducted by the Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Dr. Reginald Chhen Stewart.

Extension and Outreach Diversity and Inclusion Programming

Extension and Outreach has additional diversity and inclusion programming which is overseen by its Diversity Officer Ross Wilburn. Extension and Outreach diversity and inclusion programming links are listed below:

Navigating Difference

Navigating Difference is a cultural competency class developed by Washington State University Extension to create a safe and welcoming environment for all learners with activities that respect and support individual learning styles. This course is taught by Ross Wilburn. For more information, visit its landing page on the Community and Economic Development website.

Coming Together for Racial Understanding

Coming Together for Racial Understanding is a one-day workshop for Extension and Outreach staff, faculty, and county extension council members developed by the Cooperative Extension Service Rapid Response Team taught by Gayle Coon. Navigating Difference is a prerequisite for this courses. Attendees will have the following takeaways from this course:

  • Identify barriers to communication and interaction.
  • Counter bias and prejudice.
  • Connect discrimination and oppression with real life experiences.
  • Recognize, acknowledge, and affirm the pain and joy of being in target and non–target groups.
  • Build trust across racial and other differences.

For more information regarding the benefits of Coming Together for Racial Understanding, please review the information sheet or the sample agenda. Registration information can via Extension and Outreach's registration services web portal. Registration is limited to 25 attendees per workshop.

Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts

"Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts" is a course based on a book by Leslie C. Aguilar to provide useful, easy-to-learn phrases and skills for speaking up when micro-aggressions and other stereotyping behavior occurs. For more specific information about this course please review Malisa Rader's synopsis. Although other staff frequently conduct this training, Malisa Rader is Extension and Outreach's main contact for requesting this programming in your area.

Extension and Outreach Community Engagement

As part of its mission to serve all Iowans, Extension and Outreach continues to engage with historically underserved populations through several initiatives listed below:

Latino Business and Community Development

Since 2007, Extension and Outreach has focused on forming community development initiatives with Latino communities across the State of Iowa. For more information regarding these initiatives review the Latino Business and Community Development website or contact Latino Outreach specialist, Jon Wolseth or Jill Sokness.

African American Community Development Outreach Efforts

On May 2, 2018, Extension and Outreach brought Kameron Middlebrooks onto its Community and Economic Development unit focusing on African and African American small businesses and nonprofits in and around Polk County, Iowa. For more information about his work, please review this webpage on the Community and Economic Development website.