Severe Weather

Severe weather is common in Iowa and the Midwest, from spring and summer tornadoes, hail storms and excessive heat to the blizzards of winter. Being prepared and aware of predicted weather events are key to staying safe.

December 2021 Storm

Tree and Landscape Damage

Derecho 2020



Farm Management

Farm Structures and Facilities

  • Grain bin repair companies

    This list should not be considered an endorsement for any of the companies mentioned. This is simply an offering of possible opportunities and was compiled by our ag engineering staff. If you represent a company that does grain bin repair and would like to be added to the list, please contact Kapil Arora.

Home and Yard

All Hazards

  • All-Hazards Booklet, from the Center for Food Security and Public Health at Iowa State University, this 100 page booklet was developed as a resource for citizens of rural agricultural communities. The booklets’ four sections contain an overview of a particular hazard and several informational handouts in a check list format to help guide individuals in preparing for a particular hazard before it occurs, during the event, and recovering from the situation.
  • Understanding Farm Mediation - video explaining the mediation process and resources to guide the process
  • Disaster Designation Information - USDA Farm Service Agency

Winter Storms

While you still have power and internet access, visit the sites below for easy steps to prepare for extreme cold/winter conditions. Start by ensuring that you and your family are “ready” for winter. Then think about your office, vehicle, home, and buildings. Steps you take today can help for months to come.

Heat Stress


Safe Farm