Des Moines County 4-H County Endowment Established

  • 4-H Donor Club provides various levels of contribution and allows supporters to give amounts at a comfortable level over a course of several years.  Receive special recognition for contribution for donor clubs.  Donors Clubs available are:

    • 4-H 400: (4 annual gifts of $100 each)
    • 4-H 1,000: (10 annual gifts of $100 each or 4 annual gifts of $250 each)
    • 4-H 2,000: (10 annual gifts of $200 each or 4 annual gifts of $500 each)
    • 4-H 4,000: (10 annual gifts of $400 each or 4 annual gifts of $1,000 each)
    • 4-H 10,000: (10 annual gifts of $1,000 each or 4 annual gifts of $2,500 each


  • Memorial and Tributes-Memorial cards are available at your local funeral homes or at the Des Moines County Extension Office.  Tribute bricks are available to recognize supporters and loved ones. 
  • Gift of Grain-Giving grain instead of cash can help farmers save on self-employment, federal income and state income taxes while supporting the Des Moines County 4-H Program

Funds of the Des Moines County Endowment will be used to support local 4-H’ers. Including and not limited to scholarships for participation in local, state and national trips, educational scholarships, awards and recognition of members, offset participation fees and much more. 
Through the establishment of the county endowment, a local endowment board has been established.  Members are President: Chuck Kulow, Vice President: Dean VanNess, Secretary: Pat Fritz, Jennifer Lane and Kathy Strawhacker.  Assisting the board are Mary Steffener, County Youth Coordinator and Cherry Sandeen, Youth Program Specialist.
The previous supporters of the Friends of 4-H are greatly appreciated and we anticipate this new partnership will strengthen opportunities for supporters and provide additional opportunities for youth in Des Moines County. 
To find out more the Des Moines County 4-H Endowment, please visit call 319/671-7165.  To begin contributing immediately please visit, be sure to indicate Des Moines County as your designated county in order for the money to stay local, otherwise money is deposited in general fund.

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