Interested in becoming a Delaware County 4-H Volunteer?

 There are many different types of volunteers in the 4-H program!


4-H Club Leader:
Club volunteers provide overall leadership to club or group organization, overseeing the structure and operation and serving as the club’s contact with Extension staff and other 4-H volunteers.They help 4-H club members grow and reach their fullest potential by supporting them to conduct meaningful, educational experiences. View a complete Club Leader Position Description.


Clover Kids Club Leader:
Clover Kids volunteers promote positive development for children ages K-3 through cooperative learning and developmentally appropriate practices. They provide opportunities for youth to practice 5 life skills:  self-understanding, social interaction, decision-making, learning to learn, and mastering physical skills. View a complete Clover Kids Volunteer Position Description.


Project Leader or Superintendent:
Project volunteers help members plan and conduct projects. Sometimes project volunteers assist with clubs that are organized around one project area and sometimes a project volunteer assists youth interested in a specific project area but the youth belong to a club with members interested in many different project areas. A good example is a horse project club - where the entire focus of the club is on horses. View a complete Project Leader Position Description. 


4-H Judge:
4-H judges support learning and growth opportunities for youth through the project judging experience at local county fairs. It allows adults to share their expertise with 4-H youth by judging projects that interest them. Visit Information for Judges for additional details.


County 4-H Volunteer:
There are many ways to support the 4-H program at the county level. Volunteers are needed to give guidance to policy and priority setting and to conduct county and regional programs and activities. Contact the Delaware County Extension Office to learn more about 4-H volunteer opportunities!


Apply to be a Delaware County 4-H Volunteer today!

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