ISU Extenion and Outreach Spotlight for October

Courtney is the Davis County Youth Coordinator. Her sole responsibility is to take care of the counties 4-H program. This includes running day camps, working at the county fair, 4-H and Youth Committee, heading the County Youth Council, leading Clover Kids, and guiding 4-H leaders to ensure that our 4-H members are being set up for success and bright futures. She also screens volunteers to help keep the members safe as possible. Courtney was an active 4-H member for 9 years. Showing horses and dogs, as well as 4-H building exhibits. Horticulture, Sewing, Welding, Woodworking, and Home Improvement were just a few. She participated in Communications events, Leadership projects, and Citizenship projects. She was a member of County Youth Council and 4-H & Youth Committee. One of the reasons she loves her job so much is that it’s so rewarding. There are long days, but there is nothing compared to the feeling you get when you receive that little “Thank you” card in the mail from a young 4-H’er that appreciated someone taking the time to help them out. Away from work, you will find Courtney spending time with her family. She has a husband, Zach Hale, and an infant son, Rhett. As well as two dogs, Dash and Heidi and her horse Romeo. If you can’t find her at home, you can probably find her somewhere in the community. Volunteering is one thing she carries with her from her years in 4-H. She is an active member of the Fair Board, Rodeo Committee, and Race Committee. She also enjoys helping out with the Community Theatre and Hairy Nation Days. But on the “slow” days? She enjoys tractor rides helping her husband feed cows, coon hunting, training dogs, or playing with her son.

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