Digging Out of Debt

Wants, extras, and frills probably crept into your spending plans over the holidays. The credit debt accumulated can be a January disappointment.  Digging out of debt is worth the extra effort to limit spending and focus extra income toward your outstanding balances.
Setting a timeline and plan of action will make the job easier to achieve.  PowerPayis a free software program to help you determine a spending plan to address required payments and needs. Once your cash flow is working and you stop charging, you can then select specific debts to pay off. As payments reduce and eliminate debts, those payments are added to the remaining payments to speed up repayment.  PowerPay software will show you when debts will be repaid with a summary of the interest and fee savings because of your determination to get your finances back in balance.
PowerPay is a debt management tool created by Utah State University Extension. The free resource includes tools to write a spending plan, set savings goals and build an emergency fund, loan calculators, and education resources.  To log into the program visit powerpay.orgor download a convenient app for your phone or tablet at: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/powerpay-debt-elimination/id876640149

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