Firstly, we would like to thank all of you for your patience during this unknown time. At this time, we have been required to cancel our scheduled weigh-ins for this year.
What this means for you as a swine show exhibitor is this:
You will need to get from the office your ID sheet and tags.
We will need you to tag your animal and record their ear notches on your ID sheet.
IF you have the means to weigh your animal at home we ask that you do so. These weights will be unofficial. We will not have the Rate Of Gain competition. Your recorded weight will help us out when it comes to fair time.
The office is still closed until further notice.
HOWEVER, this is very important, we will be having a pick up option from 9-11 on Saturday, March 28 for you to get tags and paperwork at the Extension Office.
Here is what we need you to do:
·       Send ONE person in your family to get your supplies
·       Stay in your vehicle
·       You will pull into the parking lot behind the Extension Office
·       We will hand you the supplies through your vehicle window
·       Please do not enter the parking lot if a vehicle is already there
o  This will prevent a “blockage” of vehicles and keep traffic flowing
We thank you for cooperation during this time,
If you have further questions please call the Extension Office at 641-664-2730
Thank you,
Davis County Extension and Outreach Staff
Iowa 4-H Youth Development Extension 4-H Youth Building 1259 Stange Rd
Ames, IA50011-1002
FAX: 515-294-1047
March 26, 2020
To: 4-H Livestock Exhibitors
From: Iowa State University Extension & Outreach 4-H Youth Re: Livestock Identification Deadlines and County Weigh-ins
On behalf of the Iowa 4-H Program and considering the current and ongoing situation regarding the COVID-19 virus, adjustments are being made to this year’s livestock identification process and county weigh-ins. We have been in contact with our partners; FFA, State Fair, and Iowa Association of Fairs to make sure we are all on the same page.
·       As of today, all county weigh-ins for meat goats, sheep and/or swine are to be cancelled. This is for the health and safety of our 4-H families and staff. Unfortunately, thatmeansfairsthatconductrateofgaincontestswillnotbeabletodosoforthe2020 fair season. For those counties who’ve already had their weigh-in this spring, those contests could still occur.
·       The May 15 livestock ID deadline will be moved back to June 1. This applies to ALL livestock that are usually identified by May 15 including: Breeding Beef, Dairy Cattle, DairyGoat,Dog,Horse,MeatGoat,Poultry,SheepandSwine.Rabbitswillremainatthe July 1deadline.
·       Tagging Procedures – we are asking county extension offices to work with families to obtain official 4-H ear tags, or if county staff are comfortable could set up on-farm tagging. We are not requiring counties to do that latter, it’s just another option. Any process that is utilized should keep in mind good biosecurity practices and measuresfor people and animals. Additionally, for Identification purposes, we are asking all tagged animals be documented by photo that is uploaded to 4-H Online. Process will be outlined in the FAQs mentionedbelow.
·       Retinal Imaging – since 4-H sheep and meat goats are required to have retinal images collected for State Fair eligibility, we are hopeful that adding two weeks to the ID deadlinewillallowstafftocollectthoseimages,perhapsonthefarmorifcircumstances improve and social distancing is less of a concern, those animals could come to acentral site for image collection.
A Frequently Asked Questions document is being developed and will be posted on the 4-H Livestock website,, as soon as possible. An email will also be sent to all 4-H families currently enrolled in a livestock project via 4-H Online with these changes.
We will continue to monitor and re-evaluate the situation and make additional adjustments as needed. We appreciate your understanding and want you to know we have our 4-H staff, families and youth members’ absolute best interest at heart. We understand these are unprecedented times and will do everything we can to ensure youth can exhibit their livestock projects this summer.
Any questions or further information can be directed to Mike Anderson, State 4-H Livestock Specialist, at
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