4-H Pig Sponsorship

4-H Pig Sponsorship
Heemsbergen Swine Geneticswould like to donate one quality show pig to a deserving 4-Her for the 2020 Davis County Fair.  This opportunity is for 4-Hers of any age that are new to the swine industry and would like to participate in a swine project.  This donation gives the 4-Her complete ownership of one show pig.
Please complete a short essay on why you would like the opportunity to own, raise, and show a pig at the Davis County Fair.   Mail your essay to
Ryan Heemsbergen, 24230 160th St., Bloomfield, IA  52537 by March 21st.
Name:_______________________________________________              Age:_____________
Parents:  ____________________________________________
Phone Number: _____________________________
4-H Group:  _________________________________
I consent to my child filing this application and if selected assure that we have adequate space and ability to raise a pig.
_____________________________________________________ Parents Signature & Date

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