2020 Pre-Fair Party!

2020 Pre-Fair Party
Monday, July 6, 2020
8 pm
Show Pavilion, Davis County Fairgrounds
If there was ever a year that we needed the Pre-Fair Party, it is this year! We know that there are a ton of questions about how our 4-H/FFA Fair is going to work, so the Pre-Fair Party is your opportunity to have all those questions answered. The building/barn superintendents will be there to explain each day of the 4-H/FFA Fair and answer your questions. 
However, to make it happen, everyone has to agree to follow all social distancing guidelines and restrictions. Please read over the following to be sure you are comfortable with the plan! 
If you are sick or know you have been exposed to COVID-19, do not attend the in-person meeting!
Families are encouraged to attend together. Everyone must sit in family groups with 6 feet between family groups.
Rows of the bleachers will be marked off - you cannot sit in a row that is marked.
We will remain seated in the Show Pavillion for the evening. We will not move from barn to barn.
Masks are not required but are recommended.
Hand sanitizer will be available.
When the meeting is over, everyone must leave the fairgrounds.
We know not everyone is comfortable with being in groups in person right now, so we will try to provide a Facebook Live broadcast on the Davis County 4-H Facebook page. 
Thanks for complying with all that comes with meeting in person during this unprecedented time. It will be good practice for our 4-H/FFA Fair! 

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