2020 4-H and FFA Shows FAQ

2020 4-H and FFA Shows
Q. We are showing a bottle calf. When are the interviews and when do we bring in our calf?
A. We will not be doing the traditional interviews this year. During the bottle calf class at the show the judge will have a list of questions that will be asked of the exhibitor. These questions come from the questionnaire that we’ve used in years passed for the interviews. Bottle calves come in at the same time as all beef, on Friday between 7:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Q. Does the Exhibitor count against the 6 wristbands allotted per family per show?
A. No. The exhibitor gets a wristband in addition to the 6 allotted for each family. EVERYONE in attendance must have a wrist band. Exhibitors, audience, and volunteers. All names go on a master list that will be at the entrance gate. Before entering to check in at the barns for your show, you will go through the check point at the orange gates by the bathrooms where the antique tractors park during the fair. At this check point we will ask for your name. As long as we have the name on our list we will check it off and give that person their reserved wristband. NO WRISTBANDS WILL BE HANDED OUT AHEAD OF TIME. Families MUST get their 6 names and the show those people are attending to the office by July 9.
Q. When does carcass beef go to the sale barn?
A. Carcass beef will go to the sale barn July 6 at 6 p.m. Carcass will operate as usual. Results will be announced during the Beef Show.
Q. I already entered my animals into 4HOnline. What is this FairEntry I keep hearing about?
A. FairEntry is the class entry system Davis County adopted in 2019. This is the same class entry system used by the Iowa State Fair to enter exhibits. In 4HOnline you ID’ed your animals to qualify them for eligibility to show. Now you will enter their individual classes in FairEntry. You will enter ALL livestock in FairEntry: horses, beef, sheep, goats, swine, poultry, rabbits,etc. You will also enter ALL static exhibits. It is helpful if you can put in a description of what your static exhibit looks like, but not required. When you go to FairEntry you will look up: 2020 Davis County 4-H and FFA Shows. From there you will login using the 4HOnline option and login with the same username and password. Once you have entered all exhibits and submitted your entries you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email you will need to log back in and submit your entries.
Q. When and where do I pay my stall rents?
A. You will pay all stall rents at the check in of your show. There will be a station set up for you to pay your stall rent for that show.
Beef: $5 per head, Cow/Calf pairs $5, Bottle Calves $2.50
Horses: $5 per head
Sheep, Goats, Hogs (2-3 head per pen): $2.50
Rabbits and Poultry: $2.50
Q. What if I entered my animal in the wrong class in FairEntry?
A. It is okay. We can change the class at check in. There will be no class changes once check in is complete. It is very important that the exhibitor knows what class their animal is in at check in time. Once check in is over that animal is locked into that class. For purebred classes, we must have registration papers on file.

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