Totally Tomatoes & All About Apples Online Event

Preserve the Taste of Summer Online, Totally Tomatoes
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Preserving your garden’s summer bounty is a great way to enjoy home-grown produce year round – as long as you don’t serve food borne illness, like botulism, with your home preserved foods, say nutrition and wellness specialists with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.
“Home food preservation is not difficult, but it does require following specific directions exactly,” said Sarah Francis, ISU associate professor and nutrition and wellness state specialist. “Ignoring recommended procedures can result in home canned products that will make you, your family and friends very ill.”
To help Iowans safely preserve foods, ISU Extension and Outreach is hosting a virtual Food Preservation 101 course. Food Preservation 101 is a general overview that highlights the key information Iowans need to know to get started preserving food at home.
During this free, one-hour online course, nutrition and wellness specialists will:
• Discuss various food preservation techniques – pressure canning, hot water bath canning, dehydration and freezing;
• Provide science-based, reliable food preservation resources; and
• Answer general food preservation questions.
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October 8 / 10 AM
October 8 / 6 PM 
October 12 / 10 AM
October 12 / 7 PM
All About Apples 
Did someone say apple pie? Yum! Spend one hour with us online and learn how to can applesauce and apple pie filling and freeze and dry apples safely at home.
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1-Hour Session / No Cost
October 22, / 10 AM
October 22 / 6 PM
Octovber 28 / 10 AM
October 28 / 7 PM

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