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By enrolling in 4HOnline at, the leaders have access to the most current contact information & medical/emergency information along with ensuring everyone is covered under our accident insurance policy.  We request that you stay with your child at the meetings until enrollment is completed.
Here are instructions  for  Re-enrollment and New Family Enrollment .
Directions for 4HOnline Re-Enrollment:
Go to  4H online at  and enter your email and password. If you do not know your 4HOnline password you can click on "Reset Password" and a password will be emailed to your email address on file.  If you do not receive the password in your email in a timely manner, please contact our office.
If you are returning to 4-H or Clover Kids, your member record will be listed on the family Member List.  Click “Enroll Now”.  If you are a new member and your name is not yet listed, click “Add Member” and follow the steps for “Adding a New Member to the Family”. 
Directions for 4HOnline New Family Enrollment:
This is for families who have never had any of their children enrolled in 4-H or Clover Kids.  So if you  have a younger child who will be enrolling for the first time, BUT  you already have older child(ren) in 4-H or Clover Kids, you will follow the Re-Enrollment instructions.  When you get to the family information page you will be able to add the new child by using the drop-down menu under ‘add a new family member’. 
However, if this is your first family member to join 4-H or Clover Kids then go to and click on ‘Don’t have an account”.  Select your state and county from the drop-down menus.  Complete the family information and click verify.   IF you have questions please contact Allison at 515-993-4281.  
Funds are available upon request for families needing assistance. 
For more information about 4-H or the enrollment process call 515-993-4281 or email Allison Wisgerhof or 4-H or Kali Downs  for Clover Kids.


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