ISU Extension and Outreach Has Retirement Resources for Every Age

 No matter how close or far Iowans are from retirement, the new “Retirement: Secure Your Future” Web page from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach will help them prepare, said Barb Wollan, a human sciences specialist in family finance.

The Web page includes resources for three general audiences: those who are just starting to prepare for retirement, those in mid-career and those who are nearing retirement. It includes publications on a wide range of topics, all available for free online review or download. Video learning modules, usually 10 to 20 minutes in length, also are available on specific topics.

“Currently three modules are available. We expect to add several more in the next month or two, and build the collection over time,” Wollan said.

“Our goal is to provide information that can help people understand their retirement planning decisions,” Wollan said. “For example, young adults often will tell us, ‘I’ve got plenty of time before I retire; right now I have other things to worry about.’ Many young adults don’t realize the tremendous retirement benefit they will gain by starting early, even if they only set aside a small amount each month. One of the publications and an upcoming module help to explain this concept.”

Investors of all ages have questions about investing and asset allocation, and may be confused by the various types of tax-advantaged accounts they can choose from, Wollan said. Two publications address those questions in clear, straightforward language.

For those approaching retirement within the next five to 10 years, a set of four “Retirement Transitions” publications explains key topics that affect retirement well-being, including Social Security options, required minimum distributions, income annuities and strategies for establishing a steady income flow in retirement.

In addition to materials consumers can use on their own, the “Retirement: Secure Your Future” Web page also highlights three core retirement workshops from ISU Extension and Outreach. These workshops are available to groups and sometimes are offered to the public, with a modest fee to cover expenses, Wollan said.

“ISU Extension and Outreach materials always are non-commercial, with no vested interest in promoting any particular products or services,” Wollan said. “That makes them fairly unique in the retirement planning world, which is dominated by commercial firms and organizations that have commercial interests through advertising. I don’t discourage people from reading and learning from commercial material, but it’s important to critically evaluate the motives of those sources. ISU Extension and Outreach materials are based on research.”

Visit the “Retirement: Secure Your Future” Web page at

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