Have a Gardening Question? Ask a Master Gardener!

Ask a Master Gardener is a free resource dedicated to assisting local gardeners with their horticultural questions by providing expert advice on plant and insect identification, as well as offering solutions for controlling garden pests and diseases.

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The 'Ask a Master Gardener' service is staffed by university-trained volunteers who are equipped with the latest research-based information on environmentally friendly gardening practices.  These Master Gardeners are committed to delivering relevant and unbiased advice to help ensure the health and vitality of gardens throughout Dallas County.

Residents experiencing difficulties with their landscape plants can easily access guidance on identifying and managing insect pests, diseases, problem wildlife, weeds, and environmental stressors that affect Iowa yards and gardens.  By filling out a survey, gardeners can enlist the help of Master Gardeners to diagnose issues and receive tailored recommendations.

Let the Master Gardeners help you cultivate a thriving garden and contribute to a greener community.

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About Dallas County Master Gardeners: Dallas County Master Gardeners are trained volunteers who work in partnership with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach to provide scientifically based horticultural information to the community and engage in local gardening projects.