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Thrifty Meal Challenge

Special Exhibition: Thrifty Meal Challenge

10490  Thrifty Meal ChallengeCreate a balanced, nutritious meal for family of four (4) that includes a serving from each of the five food groups with a budget of $11.

Thrifty Meal Challenge Special Rules:

  • Each county may enter one (1) exhibit in this class. All entries will receive an evaluation and ribbon.
  • Exhibit may be from an individual or group effort.
  • The meal must include a serving for each person from each of the five (5) food groups. Recommended portion sizes per person: ½ cup fruit, ½ cup vegetable, 3 ounces protein, 1-2 ounces grain, 1 cup equivalent dairy.
  • The meal must serve four (4) people.
  • Total expense on receipt(s) must not exceed $11.
  • The exhibit will be a poster (maximum size 20” x 30”) that includes:
    1. Menu
    2. Meal type
    3. Copy of receipts (up to 2)
    4. Photos of participant experience
    5. Thrifty Meal Challenge Worksheet (required)


For more information about this special challenge, please go to

Static Exhibit Judging Schedule

Static Exhibit Judging Schedule

These are suggested times if you cannot come during your clubs allotted time you may come at any time during judging

Time                Club                                                                                                     

1:00 pm. to 3:00 p.m. Adams Arrows; Beaver Junior Farmers; Grimes Go Getters; Granger Strivers; Machine Magicians; Sugar Grove Sunshine, Wild Finders

3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Boone Progressors; Blue Ribbon Riders; Minburn 4-H Club; Independent Members, Machine Magicians, Dallas County Aggies

5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Best of Union; Heartland Warriors; Perry Pathfinders, Silver Spurs, Sugar Grove Blue Ribbon Winners

Exhibiting Food at the Fair

Inappropriate Foods for Fair Exhibits

Preparing  Fresh Vegetables for Fair Exhibit

Foods for Iowa 4-H Fairs - Quick Reference Guide (2023) - English

Foods for Iowa 4-H Fairs - Quick Reference Guide (2023) - Spanish

Static Exhibits

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Static exhibit  Goal Questions 


2023 Health Requirements for the Exhibition of Livestock

Bucket/Bottle Calf Form

Returning Bucket/Bottle Calf Form

Fair Entry

FairEntry Information and Instructions

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2023 Photography Exhibit Label

Clover Kids


Clover Kids General Rules

1. Clover Kids may exhibit static exhibits as well as bucket/bottle calves, lambs and goats, pets, rabbits, and poultry.  

2. All youth must be enrolled in 4-H by May 15 of the current year to exhibit at the County Fair.  

3. All exhibitors have signed the “Iowa Code of Ethics” when they enrolled in 4hOnline 2.0 stating they will abide by all rules.

4. All animals must be identified in 4hOnline by May 15 of current year to be exhibited at the County Fair.

5. Clover Kids classes are noncompetitive and will receive a green participation ribbon.

6. Any member exhibiting may substitute another Dallas County exhibitor to show their animal project in case of sickness.    The substitute must be approved by the superintendent prior to the specific show.

7. All Clover Kid exhibits may be stalled for the duration of the fair if they wish.

8. No exhibitor will be allowed to stay in the 4-H buildings overnight.

9.  All exhibitors will be expected to clean out their stalls, pens.

10.  Superintendents have authority to make decisions within their respective area.

Clover Kids - Bottle or Bucket Calf, Lamb or Goat

Clover Kids - Bottle or Bucket Calf, Lamb or Goat

Superintendent:­­­ Haylee Watcher

Clover Kids show will be separate from the 4-12 grade show

Bottle animals do not need to weigh but exhibitors need to check in with the superintendents at designated check in times (see fair schedule) or before the



· Clover Kids Bucket Calf

· Clover Kids Costume Class


· Clover Kids Bucket Lamb/Goat

· Clover Kids Costume Class 

· born on or after January 1 of the current year

· in member's possession and identified in 4hOnline by May 15.

· It is the intent of this class that the animal should be from mother under standard production practices (i.e., mother rejected it, had twins, or is a dairy cow), NOT for the purpose of creating a project.

An exhibitor may identify up to 3 animals but may only exhibit 1 bucket calf, 1 bottle lamb and 1 bottle goat per year.  Only animals being shown may be stalled at the fair. All animals must be properly identified with an ear tag and/or tattoo. Animals must be shown on halter, no show sticks. Lambs must be slick shorn. All animals will be shown clean.  Clipping or fitting of animals is optional. Refer to species general section for rules regarding clipping and fitting. Rope halters and neck ties are necessary for tying calves overnight.  No grain or alfalfa hay is to be in the tie barns. All animals must be tied in designated tie out areas. A costume class will be after all other classes.  The exhibitor may dress their animal up and ask another Dallas County 4-H Exhibitor to assist in dressing up and participating in the show ring. All materials are allowed if it will not harm the calf or other exhibitors. Clover Kid Bucket / Bottle Calf exhibitors may submit a written report and participate in interviews if they wish for ages K-2nd but this will not impact the show results. A written report and interview is required for 3rd grade Clover Kid participants


Animals may be any breed.
Clover Kids Pet Show

Clover Kids Pet Show

Superintendent:  Mary, Robert and Rosalie Sterner 

1. All pets must be identified in 4hOnline 2.0 by May 15.

2. All pets must be caged, on a leash or in some way controlled by the owner (cage supplied by owner).

3. Clover Kids may show a live animal or may use a stuffed animal as a prop.

4. Clover Kids and pets must be supervised by an adult at all times.

5. Livestock animals such as swine, horses, cattle (beef and dairy) are not to be shown in the Pet Show.  Pot-bellied pigs are classified as SWINE and may not be brought to the fair.

6. Exhibitors may not show the same animal in two different shows.  (For example, you may not show the same rabbit in the pet show and in the rabbit show.)

7. All animals must be healthy at the time of the show.  Any health requirements for other classes for that species will also apply to the pets.  Cats, dogs and ferrets must have current rabies and/or distemper certificate. Vaccinations are required a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the fair for all small animals.

8. Pregnant or nursing animals will not be allowed to show. 

9. Kittens, dogs and ferrets shown at the fair must be 4 months old.

10. All pets must be at show area and checked in 15 minutes before the time judging is to begin.

Clover Kids Poultry Show

Clover Kids Poultry

Superintendent:  Lisa and Jamie Wilkerson

Clover kids may show Poultry in the poultry show for a participation ribbon. 


1. All poultry must be checked in by the Poultry Superintendent or designated substitute.

2. Superintendent may refuse entry of any animal showing signs of disease, lice etc. at check-in. 

3. Pullorum testing within 90 days prior to fair is required.  We test all birds at time of check-in.

4. Clover Kid participants will bring their bird for testing at the time of check in listed on schedule. If space allows, they may keep the bird on fairgrounds for the duration of the fair or they may bring it back on the day of the show. 

5. All poultry must be caged.  For large birds, owner may be asked to supply cages. 

6. Exhibitors are responsible for entering, feeding, and caring for birds. 

Clover Kids Rabbit

Clover Kids Rabbit

Superintendents:  Kendra and Adam Woehl

1. All rabbits must be checked in by the Rabbit Superintendent or designated substitute.

2. The Superintendent may refuse entry of any animal showing signs of disease, ear mites, etc.

3. Clover kids may bring rabbit to be checked in prior to rabbit show or if space allows rabbit may stay for the entire fair.

4. Exhibitor is responsible for bringing feed and water bowls.

5. Rabbits must be identified with a tattoo in the ear. 

6. No pregnant does will be allowed to enter.

7. No litter boxes permitted in the cages.

8. Judging will be based on exhibitor’s knowledge of rabbit’s care and routine, condition and information shared with the judge in one-on-one discussion.