Dallas County Master Gardeners

Dallas County Master Gardeners enjoy working with other people interested in gardening. They learn about gardening for their own use and to help others. Master Gardeners represent and do volunteer work for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. They are expected to cite Iowa State University recommendations and not rely on personal experience or common folklore. They stay up-to-date on gardening information and recommendations through continuing education. They are also required to stay in contact with the Dallas County Extension and Outreach office regarding horticulture program needs.

By the Numbers (2017).
Dallas County had 44 active Master Gardeners who reported volunteer hours, educational hours and community contacts. They contributed nearly 2,000 volunteer hours and 325 educational hours in local communities.
Service Hours.
Service hours are spent helping in community gardens, helping local businesses and organizations map out landscaping plans, assisting students with science
projects related to horticulture and more.

Educational Hours.
Educational hours are spent attending horticulture
webinars and live presentations about how to support
local food systems, invasive pests, rehab efforts
of indigenous Iowa wild life and more.

Visit the Iowa Master Gardener website for more information
on  this prestigious, internationally recognized program.

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