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In 4-H kids learn by doing with positive adults and friends in a fun, safe setting. Whether coding, photography, stargazing, soccer, rabbits, robots, cultural diversity, dance, etc, there is a 4-H learning community working on that.


Definition and requirements of Clover Kids



Voucher Request - Form used to request money from the club account, found under 4-H Club Financial Management  Forms 

Deposit form - form used to deposit money into the Club Account,  found under 4-H Club Financial Management  Forms 

Code of Conduct for Youth and Families

Iowa Exhibitor Code of Ethics

4-H Foundation

The Dallas County 4-H Foundation provides financial resources for youth development through 4-H. They provide the financial resources to develop and deliver quality 4-H youth programs throughout the state of Iowa. These opportunities help young people enhance their ability to use critical thinking, leadership, communication, and social skills – tools that will give them a competitive edge in their future endeavors.

How to Apply and Previous Projects

Please send completed grant applications to our Regional Director Ann Torbert at

Previous Projects

Bryson's Rain Barrel Irrigation System