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Managing & Marketing Quality Holstein Steers Proceedings

hoop barn openingA list of the breakout sessions discussing dairy beef, nutrition of wet calves, nutrition: growing and finishing, housing and management, feedlot nutritional management, breeding, genetics and grazing, markets and risk management, health and disease management, meat quality and industry perspective and implant strategies. The conference was help November 2, 2005.


Grazing and Organic

cows eating grassEver thought about going organic or moving to a grass-fed operation? Currently on a grazing system in need of fine tuning? This page contains videos on raising heifers on pasture and a series on beginning grazing to help improve operations.


Beginning Dairy Farmer Video-Peake Dairy-Part 2

Part II of our Beginning Dairy Farmer Video series features the Peake Dairy and the Organic, Grass-fed system they have chosen. Beginning Farmers have various dairy system options as they begin their careers and the Peake's picked their system because they loved working with grass pastures and not using chemicals and with the low costs, could best profit from dairy this way.


Beginning Dairy Farmer Video-Lynch Dairy-Part 4

Part IV of our Beginning Dairy Farmer Video series features the Lynch Dairy focusing on the Organic dairy system they have chosen. Beginning Farmers have various dairy system options as they begin their careers and the Lynch’s picked their system because of the increased milk prices, soil and animal health, and felt they could best profit from dairy this way while maximizing labor efficiency in their milking system.


Dairy Pasture Walk

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - 11:00am to 2:30pm
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Dairy Pasture Walk to Feature Northeast Iowa Grazing Farm

Participants will get an up-close look at pasture renovation, brush control and the overall economics of dairy grazing.

GARNAVILLO, Iowa – Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship program will co-host a pasture walk Aug. 21 near Garnavillo, from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., at the Andy Schaefer dairy farm.

Andy has been grazing and dairying for 31 years, and today he has 118 cross-bred cows on 160 acres.

ISU Extension and Outreach Dairy Field Specialists Dr. Larry Tranel and Jenn Bentley will provide information on economics of grazing and calf management in a pasture-based system.

Following lunch, Andy Schaefers will lead attendees on a walking tour with a focus on pasture renovation, brush control and sidewalk-style cattle lanes, along with ISU Extension Agronomist Brian Lang, who will provide information on soil fertility.

The pasture walk is located at 25037 Lake Rd., Garnavillo. From Garnavillo, go east on C17 3.5 miles, then south on 232 Street for 1.1 mile, then south on Lake Rd. for 2.3 miles. The farm is on the right.

Pasture walks are informal educational programs designed to demonstrate one or two key areas of pasture management, and to provide answers to common questions. This event is open to all producers who rely on forage production.

RSVPs are encouraged to help with materials and meal planning, but not required. For more information, contact Jenn Bentley at 563-382-2949, or