Iowa Dairy Processors and Plants

Iowa Dairy Processor and Plant Bottling and Fluid Milk Plant Cheese Plant Dry Milk Plant Interstate Milk Shipper and Plant On-Farm Processor On-Farm Cheese Processor
Agropur Inc   Dairy Cow        
Associated Milk Producers Inc.     Dairy Cow      
Anderson Erickson Dairy Dairy Cow     Dairy Cow    
Cinnamon Ridge Dairy           Dairy Cow
Country View Dairy         Dairy Cow  
Dean Foods North Central LLC Dairy Cow     Dairy Cow    
Doe's and Diva's Dairy Inc.           Dairy Cow
Farmer's All Natural Creamery Dairy Cow     Dairy Cow    
Frisian Farm LLC           Dairy Cow
Hansen's Farm Fresh Dairy Dairy Cow     Dairy Cow    
Honey Creek Creamery           Dairy Cow
Kalona SuperNatural ™   Dairy Cow     Dairy Cow  
Maytag Dairy Farms Inc.   Dairy Cow        
Milton Creamery   Dairy Cow        
Picket Fence Creamery Dairy Cow       Dairy Cow Dairy Cow
Prairie Farms Dairy Cow     Dairy Cow    
Radiance Dairy Dairy Cow Dairy Cow     Dairy Cow Dairy Cow
Reicherts Dairy Air         Dairy Cow  
Sheeder Cloverleaf Dairy Dairy Cow       Dairy Cow  
Spring Sunrise Ghee         Dairy Cow  
Swiss Valley Farms    Dairy Cow Dairy Cow Dairy Cow    
Triple Creek Dairy           Dairy Cow
Wapsie Valley Creamery Inc.   Dairy Cow Dairy Cow      
Wells North Ice Cream Plant Dairy Cow          
Wells South Ice Cream Plant Dairy Cow          
WW Honestead Dairy LLC Dairy Cow Dairy Cow   Dairy Cow   Dairy Cow
Yellow River Dairy           Dairy Cow


Iowa Dairy Center

In the heart of northeast Iowa's dairy country, the Dairy Center sits on a hilltop just outside of Calmar, Iowa. The Dairy Center and Dairy Foundation work to bring together education, demonstration and research to foster the growth and prosperity of families who make dairy farming their way of life.

The Dairy Center is operated by the Northeast Iowa Dairy Foundation, a non-profit, grassroots organization formed to prepare young men and women to operate dairy farms, provide ongoing education for existing dairy farmers and serve as a public educational facility. The partnership with Northeast Iowa Community College allows students enrolled in agriculture programs to experience hands-on curriculum by working with the dairy herd.

The Dairy Center site includes an educational facility with classrooms and labs, a milking parlor, new robotic milking system, freestall barn and calf barn.

Iowa State University Dairy Farm

The ISU Dairy Farm is location at 52470 260th Street in Ames. The farm is used for teaching, research and outreach activities. The farm has over 400 total cows, many of which are actively milking and nearly another 400 young stock. To learn more about the farm or to visit, contact Mary Healy at 515-296-4219. During June of 2016, the ISU Dairy farm hoisted an open house. Watch this video to learn more: