Jennifer Bentley
Dairy Specialist
Calves and heifers, dairy consumer education, dairy herd management, buildings and facilities, transition cow management
Stephanie Clark
Associate Professor Food Science and Human Nutrition
Applies food microbiology and chemistry approaches, as well as product development and sensory evaluation skills to enhance dairy product quality and consumption, Collaborates with human nutrition colleagues to understand the role of dairy foods in human health
fred hall mugshot
Dairy Specialist
purebred marketing, 4-H/youth/judging, employee management and training, forage production, dairy consumer education, local foods, small/beginning farmers
Brian Lang
Field Agronomist
Forage crop production
Ron Lenth
Bremer County Extension Coordinator
reproduction and genetics, milk quality, udder health
Melissa O'Rourke
Farm Management Specialist
Agricultural law, employment legal issues, land and related leasing issues, estate and succession planning, Annie's Project for Farm Women
Hugo Ramirez-Ramirez
Dairy Specialist, Assistant Professor
Production records, employee management and training, hispanic resources, feeds, forages, nutrition, dry and transition cows, lactating cows, Calves and heifers, humane animal care
Angie Rieck-Hinz
Field Agronomist
Educational programs in crop production and protection
Jan Shearer
Dairy production medicine, lameness, animal welfare
Leo Timms
Dairy Specialist, Associate Professor
Production records, milk quality, reproduction and genetics, environment and energy resources, buildings and facilities, milking systems, dairy goats, dairy sheep, dairy product quality/nutrition/safety, dairy consumer education, local foods
Larry Tranel
Dairy Specialist
Business and financial management, employee management and training, hispanic resources, grazing/pasture systems, buildings and facilities, milking systems, grazing systems, dairy goats, small/beginning farmers