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Our enrollment period starts at the beginning of September.  Find out how you can get enrolled so you can participate in this outstanding program!  This page is your one stop shop on how to join 4-H! Click on any words in blue to take you to another page or document. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Step 1 CloverChoose a Club

You can choose a club based on location, age, or special interest. To see the different clubs in Crawford County, see the map below. Each green dot is a club, where they meet, and the head adult leader in charge of the club. Be careful not to overlook clubs as some have the same dot if they meet at the same location. If you are having trouble, please contact the County Youth Coordinator, Brynna, who will be happy to assist you. It is important that you make contact with the club leaders, as they will give you specific information about the club such as meeting locations, dates and times, club rules and expectations, and if they are accepting new members.

Step 2 CloverRegister

The 4hOnline database is the method for Online Registration. The database tells the club leader and the extension office who you are, where you live, and what your project interests are.  There is an annual program enrollment fee of $30 to enroll in 4-H and $20 for Clover Kids. This fee goes to support the state 4-H program. There is assistance available through the Iowa 4-H Foundation. If you need assistance with re-enrollment, please check out our "Help Sheet for Re-Enrolling Members"or call our office at 712-263-4697. New families can contact the office for first time registration forms or you can register through the 4hOnline system. The help sheet for new families is located here-
Step 3 CloverLearn about 4-H
Make sure you spend some time familiarizing yourself with the 4-H program. Check out our New Member Guide for information about all things Crawford County 4-H! Look for project areas that interest you by checking in the Pick-Your-Adventure Guide. You can also check out our calendar for more information about events going on in Crawford County.

County 4-H News

Communication image
June 18, 2019

Who: Anyone interested in learning the basics of communication projects and getting assistance with write ups.

What: Learn about the basic organization of educational presentations, share the fun, working exhibits, etc. Also learn about the basic structure of write up’s and goals. 

When: June 21 from 10:00-2:00 (Lunch will be provided by the extension office.)

Where: Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Office-Crawford County- Denison, IA.

Why: After this workshop you will know to put a presentation together and the basics of writing goal cards/write up’s.

Things to bring: Your own write up’s for assistance.

image of sewing workshop
June 10, 2019

Who:Anyone interested in sewing and fashion.

What:Learn how to make a pillow out of your favorite button up shirt! (Be sure to ask dad or grandpa if you can have it first!) You will also learn how to use your sewing skills, design principles, fabric types, etc. for other project areas.

When:June 17 from 10:00-2:00 (Lunch will be provided by the extension office.)

Where:Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Office– Crawford  County- Denison, IA.

Why:After this workshop you will have a project that you can take to the fair and more knowledge of the project area. 

4-H Emblem
May 31, 2019

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Paige Whitney image
May 30, 2019

Crawford County will have two summer assitants for Crawford County, meet Paige Whitney.

Maggie Steinkamp image
May 30, 2019

Crawford County will have two summer assitants for Crawford County, meet Maggie Steinkamp.

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