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August 22, 2018

With the drought and floods in 2018 (Figures 1 and 2), there has been some discussion on the income tax treatment of crop insurance proceeds. Some people may have sold the 2017 crop in 2018 and are concerned about the doubling of income if they also received their crop insurance payments in 2018 as well. It is possible to defer the crop insurance to the year following harvest, but certain criteria have to be met.

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August 6, 2018

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach will host the next in its Focus on Nitrogen: Managing Nitrogen for Maximum Profit and Minimum Water Quality Impact workshop series on Aug. 21 at the ISU Northwest Research Farm near Sutherland. The workshop is part of a statewide series of events this summer and fall that focus on managing nitrogen.

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July 17, 2018

Farmland Ownership and Tenure in Iowa 1982– 2017: A Thirty-Five Year Perspective carries out a mandate of the Iowa Legislature. This study focuses on forms of ownership, tenancy, and transfer of farmland in Iowa in 2017, as well as characteristics of landowners. The purpose of the study is to document the current situation with respect to Iowa farmland. In addition, this study compares and contrasts the current situation with that found in earlier studies since 1982.

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July 6, 2018

Almost each day we are updated on the status of US trade negotiations, whether relationships with China, Mexico, Canada or other world trading partners. Because of the fast-paced nature of these discussions, this report is not well-suited to report an update, as it would likely be outdated, almost as fast as it penned. But, let’s review the current status of our Ag Exports to more fully understand the significance to these ongoing trade treaty negotiations; and then offer a better decision-making plan.

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June 26, 2018

Each year since the 2014 growing season, both corn and soybean futures prices peaked somewhere between early April and mid-July. Farmers were able to pre-harvest market a portion of their new corn and soybean crops annually at prices that proved to be much higher than those received at harvest.

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  • Works to promote efficient pork production technologies in Iowa, maintain Iowa's pork industry leadership and strengthen rural development efforts.

  • Your link to Master Equine Manager, Grazing News, and information on educational opportunities throughout the year.

  • Bringing the benefits of veterinary medicine to society by promoting animal welfare and public health through the on-going education of veterinarians and the dissemination of animal health production, food safety and animal welfare information to veterinarians, livestock producers, consumers, and related clientele.

  • Research-based, peer-reviewed, practical, and affordable publications on a number of topics relative to agriculture.

  • Agricultural economics and business resources to help make sound management decisions for your business or farming operation.

  • Enhancing Dairy Profits and Quality of Life

  • Working to develop and deliver the latest in research-based information to improve the profitability and vitality of Iowa’s beef industry.

  • To add value to the egg industry by facilitating research and learning for egg producers, processors and consumers through national and international collaboration.

  • Comprehensive information on manure management, research and application for Iowa.

  •  Information on livestock housing systems, general construction and ventilation and animal environment.

  • The Agricultural Marketing Resource Center is an electronic, national resource for producers interested in value-added agriculture. Browse commodities and products, investigate market and industry trends, study business creation and operation, read research results and locate value-added resources.

  • The Value Added Agriculture Program (VAAP) provides unbiased, science-based information to help establish or expand agricultural-related businesses in Iowa.

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