Two-Way Scorecard Communication Tool

The goal of the Two-Way Scorecard Communication Tool is to improve communication and accountability within the partnership between Iowa State University and County Agricultural Extension Districts by providing formal feedback to partners on a quarterly basis. The Two-Way Scorecard is based on the 2020-2023 Iowa State University and County Agricultural Extension District MOU (clicking the hyperlink will open the MOU page in a new tab) and roles and responsibilities identified in Addendum A. 

The Two-Way Scorecard is not intended to be a performance review of an individual; the annual performance review process is that mechanism. Rather this scorecard is about how Iowa State University and County Extension Districts are doing as partners.    

Any council members who are unable to complete the survey electronically should contact their regional director to receive a hard copy to complete and return to Andrea Nelson at 2280 Beardshear, 515 Morrill Road, Ames, IA 50011. All mailed surveys must be received by October 15.

Two-Way Scorecard Communication Tool Quarter 1 - September 28, 2020 - July, August, September 2020
Electronic survey will be available on October 1, 2020