Role of Regional Directors

Regional directors provide leadership, vision and coaching to county extension councils and staff to meet the programmatic, legal and financial needs of the system. Their work strengthens the partnership between Iowa State University and county extension districts resulting in improved institutional outreach and higher quality of life for all Iowans.

View the Regional Director Map to view contact information and biographies for regional directors.

2019 regional director group ISU Extension and Outreach

Summer 2019

Left to right:  Interim Assistant Vice President County Services Andrea Nelson, County Services Accountant Meri Skala, Regional Directors Jeff Macomber, Cheryl Heronemus, Janet Smith, Brooke Blessington, County Services Accountant Tiffany Magstadt, Regional Directors Adriane Carlson, Sherry Ford, Molly Hewitt, Rich Wrage, Kraig Tweed, Alan Ladd, Terry Janssen, Terry Torneten, Donovan Olson, Jerry Chizek, Paul Mariman, Jim Harken, Bryan Whaley, Gene Mohling, Sue Henderson, and County Services Advancement Specialist Cindy Gannon.