Risk Management

Talk to your county office staff to find resources for risk management including information for viewing safety videos, instructions for completing the Office Safety Checklist, and more. County staff, log onto MyExtension and search "Risk Management - County Services".

A word from the Vice President of County Services Bob Dodds - Office Safety Checklist

Insurance costs for several coverages including worker’s compensation and accident/medical have continued to increase every year. In 2015, LMC Insurance – provider for our worker’s compensation policy - paid in benefits (losses) $1.43 for each dollar of premium paid by extension districts or a loss ratio of 143.04%. The company considered canceling the policy. This prompted extension council members from all 100 districts and extension administration to look at ways to reduce the rising costs.

A statewide safety education plan was initiated as a way to help combat the escalating costs. Employees viewed safety videos and took a short quiz on how to prevent accidents in the workplace. In a period of three months, over 900 people viewed the videos and passed the quiz. Because of the increased emphasis on educating employees about safety, the amount paid per dollar of premium was $.231 or 23.1% in 2017. This reduction in losses benefited not only the insurance company, but also extension districts as employees on medical leave spent less time away from work.

In continued efforts, we are adding the Office Safety Checklist to the statewide safety education plan that will help identify potential issues of building safety. References were taken from the National Institutes of Health, Office of Research Services, Division of Occupational Health and Safety. I am asking each council to appoint a committee to work with employees in completing the checklist annually. The completed checklist should be filed in your office and with the regional director. Please work with the appropriate individuals and allocate funds to provide corrective action on any items that need improvement.

Thank you for your cooperation as we strive to make our offices and meeting rooms safe for all Iowans.

Printable letter:  Office Safety Checklist Letter Bob Dodds