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ISU Rising Star Internship

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Featured:  Rising Star Galaxy Club Member

Evan's Galaxy - Rising Star Intern, Summer 2014

Evan FritzWhere are you now?

For 2.5 years after graduation, I joined the telecommunications industry as a marketing coordinator for Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association in northern Iowa. While at WCTA, I completed the lion's share of a master's in public administration program with the intent to start a doctorate in higher education shortly after it's completion in late 2019. More recently, I've accepted a chief marketing officer position with a bank in northern Iowa. Lot's of change!

What is one thing you learned as a Rising Star intern that still helps you today?

To embrace doing something totally new! I had little to no experience in the projects before us, but that's what made every day of my job exciting. I didn't know anything, so I learned something new and exciting every day! I do the exact same thing now in my job(s), where I didn't have a degree in marketing, but I decided to give it a shot and now I've become pretty good at it. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have a diversified portfolio of skills when looking for opportunities.

What was your favorite thing about being a Rising Star?

People were SO NICE to extension staff, including our team of three. They knew we were there to help in any way they saw fit, and everyone from producers, to staff, to folks at farmers markets were jumping at the opportunity to share their stories. It's rare that you find that kind of enthusiasm for the work someone does, but it was everywhere in the local foods world. My favorite story/location visited would have to be the Sioux City Farmers Market. It was HUGE, and they had good meats.

What is one piece of advice you could give to future Rising Stars?

Be as honest as you can be, as someone who does all of our interviewing for work now, I appreciate honest answers even when it might not sound as "qualified" as you think. It shows that you are willing to admit that you don't know something, which as character traits go, ranks very high in my book.

Anything else?

Stay connected to ISU Extension and Outreach, I did throughout the rest of my college career and now I'm the chair of my county's Extension Council, which allows me to pump some additional ISU research into northern Iowa, and use some of those "take a chance" skills I learned all the way back in 2014 during my internship.