Fiscal Policy and Procedures

C.S.02.13.23 FY2023 Fiscal Policy and Procedures FINAL.docx -  Section 3 numbering fixed Feb. 13, 2023 only; content update Dec. 22, 2022

This is the Fiscal Policy and Procedures followed by County Agricultural Extension Districts. At times, the term “template” is used. This does not allow extension councils to change the policies and procedures beyond those outlined on the Authorization pages. The information in this document is used as part of the audit process and was previously reviewed by the Iowa Office of Auditor of State, Whitfield & Eddy Law, and the County Services Finance Committee.

Extension councils have the responsibility to administer a sound and efficient financial management system, which best utilizes available resources and provides an acceptable service level to the citizens of the extension district. Furthermore, it has a responsibility to minimize financial and legal risk related to public funds. One method of risk prevention is to develop, implement, and maintain sound fiscal policies and procedures for the operation of county extension programs. To be effective these policies and procedures must include all money held or passing through the county extension office.