Extension Council Reimbursement Form

Extension Council Reimbursement Form.xlsx Updated November 21, 2022

Iowa Code176A.9 Limitations on Powers and Activities of Extension Council

#6. Members of the council shall serve without compensation, but may receive actual and necessary expenses, including in-state travel expenses at not more than the state rate, incurred in the performance of official duties other than attendance at regular local county extension council meetings. Payment shall be made from funds available pursuant to section 176A.8, subsection 12. (note: #12 references the "county agricultural extension education fund")

Iowas Code 70A.9

When a public officer or employee, other than a state officer or employee, is entitled to be paid for expenses in performing a public duty, a charge shall be made, allowed and paid for the use of an automobile, as determined by the local governing body, in an amount which may be the maximum allowable under federal internal revenue service rules per mile, notwithstanding established mileage requirements or depreciation allowances. A statutory provision stipulating necessary mileage, travel, or actual reimbursement to a local public officer or employee falls within the mileage reimbursement limitation specified in this section unless specifically provided otherwise. A political subdivision may authorize the use of private vehicles for the conduct of official business of the political subdivision at an annual amount in lieu of actual and necessary travel expense reimbursement provided in this section.