Extension Council Reference Manual Appendices

0 Appendices Table of Contents.pdf

1 ISU Organizational Chart (link - October 2018)

2 ISU Extension and Outreach Historical Timeline (link - 2017)

3a ISU Extension and Outreach overview organizational chart (link - October 2017)

3b ISU Extension and Outreach leadership organizational chart (link - August 2018)

3c County Services Strategic Plan (under revision)

4 Iowa Code Chapter 176A (2019 link)

5 Extension Council Job Description.pdf (under review February 2019)

6 Learning Module 1 Extension Council Learning Objectives Suggested Calendar 2018.pdf

6 Learning Module 2 Extension Council Responsibilities.pdf

6 Learning Module 3 Extension Council Meeting Calendar Dec 2019.pdf

6 Learning Module 4 Program Catalog Instructions.pdf

6 Learning Module 5 Iowa Extension Council Association.pdf

6 Learning Module 6 County Staff Performance Reviews (link)

6 Learning Module 7 County Fair Board Partnership Agreement (link)

6 Learning Module 8 ISU Extension and Outreach History 2018.pdf

6 Learning Module 9 Extension Council Officer Role and Responsibilites.pdf

6 Learning Module 10 Iowa State University Strategic Plan 2017-2022 (link)

6 Learning Module 11 Diversity and Inclusion Guidelines.pdf

6 Learning Module 12 Payroll and TimeClock Plus 2019.pdf

6 Learning Module 13 Stakeholder Reports and Success Stories.pdf

6 Learning Module 14 Extension Council Budget Timeline.pdf (Updated Oct. 2019)

6 Learning Module 15 Building Relationships and Communicating with Policymakers.pdf

6 Learning Module 16 Extension Council Officer Skills and Rotation of Leadership.pdf

6 Learning Module 17 Staff Supervision.pdf

6 Learning Module 18 Extension Councils Elected Positions vs Volunteer Service 2019.pdf

6 Learning Module 19 Nepotism.pdf

6 Learning Module 20 Iowa Code Chp. 21 and 22 Open Meeting and Open Record Laws Explained.pdf

6 Learning Module 21 General Committee Guidelines for Extension Councils.pdf

6 Learning Module 22 Understanding Your Extension Council Financials 2018.pdf

6 Learning Module 23 County Plan of Work 2019.pdf

7 Iowa Code Chapter 21 - Open Meeting Laws 2019 (link)

8 Extension Council Meeting Agendas.pdf

9 Simplified Parliamentary Procedure Purchase.pdf

10 Council Member Ideals 2019.pdf

11 Council Committee Action Report.docx (format update January 2019)

12 Duties of Committee Members and Chairpersons.pdf

13a Extension Council Nominating Committee Process and Orientation.pdf

13b Extension Council Nominating Composition Anaylsis.pdf

14 Sample Letter of Invitation - Council Nomination.docx

15 Council Recruitment Materials: Recruitment Flyer  Recruitment Booklet

16 ISU Extension and Outreach Indicators Portal Guide (link)

17 ISU Extension and  Outreach Signature Issues.pdf (revised title 2019)

18 County Office Collaboration Considerations.pdf

19 Guiding Principles Housing Program Specialists.pdf

20 Revenue Sources 2018.pdf

21 Find county budgets with the Iowa Department of Management

22 Marketing Public Value (under revision)

23 Iowa Code Chapter 22 - Open Records (link)

24 Memorandum of Understanding 2018-2022

25 4-H Name and Emblem Policy Guide for 4-H Professionals (link)

26 ISU Extension and Outreach Visual Identity Guidelines (link)

27 Requests for Certificates of Insurance.pdf

28 ISU Extension and Outreach Crisis Communication Plan.pdf

29 a, b, c - Civil Rights Compliance Review Process for County Extension Offices
(link to ISU Extension and Outreach Human Resources)

30 County Paid Staffing Structure 2018.pdf

31 ISU Extension and Outreach Regions (link September 2019)


Printable PDF of All Appendices (January 2019)