Disposal of Extension Council Property

Extension councils are in charge of the county offices. Any personal property (i.e., office equipment or machines) owned by the county extension office may be sold or disposed of as the council sees fit. The council may want to adopt guidelines on acquisition and/or disposition of such property. At all times disposing of extension council property must be an open process so that all have equal opportunity.

Options for disposing of personal property:

Public notification by council of intent to dispose of property--notice of sale in newspaper or public posting in county office.

  • Sealed bids (statement-right of rejection of any bids)
  • Public auction
  • Donation

When disposing of property, indicate on equipment inventory, record action in minutes, update insurance list.

Printable Disposing of Extension Council Property.pdf

Disposing of Computers and Hard Drives

  • Call the EIT hotline 515-294-1725 or email eithotline@iastate.edu
  • Computers purchased with county funds stay with the county. Computers purchased with university funds belong to the university. 
  • Wipe Old Computers
    • If you're getting rid of old county-owned computers, including throwing them away, selling them or donating them, they need to be completely wiped of all data, any software you purchased and any system upgrades
    • You can bring them to EIT to do this and they will wipe and dispose of the machines for no charge. You can also do it yourself, but need to first visit with the hotline to make sure that what you're doing will result in complete destruction of any university or county data.
    • University-owned computers should always come back to EIT for wiping and disposal.